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[1.16.x] The full RGB chat and server configuration plugin

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    DivCore is a simple plugin designed to enable every server with the bare necessities, without overloading them with any extra bloat. It mostly focuses on chat configuration, but also supports animated player list configuration, and some other small features.

    DivCore supports full RGB chat messages. In order to color a chat message in a custom color, use the # tag, and then a 3 or 6 character long hexadecimal number to represent the color you'd like to use. Ex, #F00 is red, #0F0 is blue, and #00F is green. If you don't know how to use hexadecimal, or what it is, look it up, explaining it is beyond the scope of this plugin page, but it's pretty easy to understand. Players with the permission "divcore.chat.color" may use hex and legacy chat colors in chat.

    The plugin also supports group configuration, so that you may assign players to certain "chat-groups" with similar configurations. You can override group configuration settings for specific players, so a player from the mod chat group could for example, set a unique chat color. You may create as many chat groups as you like.

    This plugin also lets you replace certain character sequences in chat with unicode characters, or different character sequences, such as the shrug emote, or a not-equals sign. This feature is not meant to be used to filter chat, do not use it for that.

    Chat Channels
    This plugin uses chat channels to allow players to talk in seperate groups. It comes pre-loaded with 3 chat channels in the config, but you may make as many as you please. The admin channel, the local channel, and the global channel, which is the default channel. If you don't wish to use the channel functionality, you can remove the "%chat-channel%" from all chat formats.

    An example of all these features can be seen in the provided image.

    Player List
    This plugin also supports configuration of the player list's header and footer. It can be animated by simply adding more animation frames (strings) to the header/footer configuration options. It is suggested you don't put the player list update-time below 10, but the update time controls how often the header and footer update. The player list supports full RGB coloration as well. The player list comes pre-configured with a default configuration to get you started. The player list supports certain replacement variables, such as tps, online player count, and max player count.

    An example of all these features can be seen in the provided image

    Join / Leave Messages
    This plugin lets you customize join and leave messages with the "join-format" and "leave-format" configuration options. It comes preconfigured, change it to your liking.

    divcore.chat.format -> Lets players use return character formatting in chat.
    divcore.chat.color -> Lets players use colors in chat
    divcore.chat.config -> Lets players use the /dchat command in order to config various per-player options.
    divcore.chat.channels -> Lets players use the /channel command to switch between chat channels
    divcore.punishment.mute -> Lets players use the /mute command

    /dchat -> base configuration command, allows you to set various per-player chat configuration settings
    /ch <channel> -> sets your chat channel
    /mute <player> <time> -> mutes a player for the specified amount of time
    Any emote starting with a forward slash (/) will be turned into a command, it will be handled like normal chat when typed, and "arguments" after it will just be turned into a regular chat message.

    Disclaimer, this plugin was made by a person. Please report any bugs in the discussion section, or on the github issues page.


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