DKLib 1.1.10(MC1.11)

DKLib a usefull Lib with a lot of helpfull utils

  1. koca2000
    a usefull Lib with a lot of helpfull utils

    I'm not editing this plugin. I'm only updating it.
    If you need newer version of this lib. Write me a message and I'll update it.

    Original thread

    • Open source on Github
    • New Command system: don't need to register the commands in the plugin.yml
    • MySQL utils
    • Custom events like: PlayerBlockMoveEvent
    • Many of other helpfull utils
    Optional dependencies:
    You don't need any dependencies for this lib! But some classes depends on ProtocolLib (like [look in the javadocs above the class in github, if you want to know if a class depends on Protocollib or not], if you want to use these, you have to install also the plugin ProtocolLib on your server.

    For Developers: How to use DKLib in your plugin
    First include the jar file as a library and install DKLib to your servers plugin folder. Then add this line to the plugin.yml of you plugin:
    Code (Text):
    depend: [DKLib]
    For Developers: Example for using the command system
    Create a class like this.
    Then register the command in your main class like this:

    Code (Text):
    CommandManager cm;

    public void onEnable(){
           //command test
           cm = new CommandManager(this);
           cm.registerCommand(new TestCommand(cm));
           //add a prefix for usage message, etc. default is ""
          cm.PREFIX = "§f[§4TEST§f] ";
    Github (not updated):

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