DL-Essentials 1.0

Essentials recreated in Skript!

  1. DL_1003
    Note: This is my first ever skript!
    PLEASE go in the discussion thread BEFORE leave a bad review.

    I hope you like my first ever skript! :D

    • /help - Prints all the commands
    • /home - Teleports to your home. - Permission: DL.home
    • /sethome - Set your home. Permission: DL.sethome
    • /spawn - Teleports you to the spawn. Permission: DL.spawn
    • /setspawn - Set the spawn. Permission: DL.setspawn
    • /kill - Kills the specified player. Permission: DL.kill
    • /heal - Heals the specified player. Permission: DL.heal
    • /feed - Feeds the specified player. Permission: DL.feed
    • /repair Repair the tool that you are holding. Permission: DL.repair
    • /gamemode - Change your gamemode
    Permission: DL.gamemode.survival, DL.gamemode.creative etc
    Permission: DL.gamemode.survival.others etc
    • /msg - Sends a private message to the specified player. Permission: DL.msg
    • /r - Reply to the last private message. Permission: DL.msg
    • /ignore - Prevent an certain player from sending you messages. Permission: DL.ignore
    • /unignore - Unignore specified player. Permission: DL.ignore
    • /tp - Teleport to the specified player. Permission: DL.tp
    • /tpahere - Request a teleport to you. Permission: DL.tpahere
    • /tpaccept - Accept a teleport request Permission: DL.tpaccept
    • /fly - Toggle flight mode. (skQuery needed!) Permission: DL.fly
    • /clearchat - Clear the chat. Permission: DL.clearchat
    • /broadcast - Announce a message to all the online players. Permission: DL.broadcast

Recent Reviews

  1. BL0ckH3D
    Version: 1.0
    This is a great script. I hope you still have plans to update it. The first and last update, etc was December 2015.
  2. Desmond
    Version: 1.0
    For a beginner skripter, its a nice Skript man!
    It meets most of my requirements and i love it.
    It would be great if you add /warp command.
    1. DL_1003
      Author's Response
      Thanks, glad you like it! I will add warp in the next version.