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Check your own permissions!

  1. JailB8_
    Do I Have It?

    This is a nifty little plugin thrown together in the space of a couple of hours because of boredom mostly.

    It allows people to check if they have a permission node associated with them.

    There are is only two commands with this plugin, but the main uses are split among many variables.

    Players can run /dihi <node> to see if they have node specified, for example
    The user must be added to the utils file as a UUID, from console.

    The remaining commands can only be run from console.

    • dihi add <user> will add a user to the utils file, allowing them to use /dihi ingame
    • dihi ? | dihi help either "help" or "?" work in this argument. It will provide information on how to edit the utils file.
    • get uuid <user> will get the UUID for a user, for example:

    If the user is offline when you try to add them to the list, or get their ID, you will see something like this:

    If you would like to suggest features, do so below or via PM.

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