Domination-Spigot 1.11 1.0

This it a mini-game based on the FPS. Capture the points: Alpha, Beta and Charlie.

  1. Naruse
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    Hi! In first, this is plugin is a copie of the Domination in the FPS. The goal is to capture 3 points: Alpha, Beta and Charlie. The basics captured will give you points.

    I Configure the plugin
    When you have reloaded or started the server to activate the plugin, this message was appears:
    Or in english. It's because the plugin has been misconfigured (It's normal).
    So, you need to configure it!
    In first, set the location for the players:
    /dt set tp <Red, Blue, Spawn> (Red = Spawn red, Blue = Spawn blue and Spawn = the location where the players spawn when they connect)
    /dt set base <1, 2, 3> <Blocks, Stop, Delete> (Blocks = This is to add blocks in the basics. The block where you are is add. Stop = This is to stop the selection of blocks. Delete = This is to delete all blocks in the basic.)
    Now, you have just to perform a reload, and the game will start. (You need to deco and reco).

    If the message appers yet, it's beacause you have forgot to do an commands or failed to do it.

    II Do you want some kits ?
    There, everything happens int the configuration.
    I don't explain you how it works, i take a picture, it should do!

    III Others commands ?
    /dt set language <Fr, An> (This is to set the language in French or English)
    /dt set time <Start, Game, Dominate, Finish> <Number> (This is to set the time)
    /dt set min <Number> (This is to set number minimum of players the plugin need to start a game)

    IV Others ?
    The times is already set in default like that.
    If a sentence in english is false, please tell me.

    1. 10 downloads X
    2. 20 downloads
    3. 50 downloads
    4. 100 downloads ;)

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