Donation Goals (Sidebar) 1.0.1

Displays a donation goal with a progress bar on the sidebar.

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    • 1.15
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    This plugin uses a database to store donations from any purchasing platform (Buycraft/Tebex, Enjin, etc) and display progress toward a donation goal.

    Make sure you read the ENTIRE page to ensure the plugin works.

    This plugin depends on SidebarAPI.


    This plugin REQUIRES an SQL database.
    Code (Text):
    # It is not recommended to use sizes larger than 12 as this may cause coloring artifacts due to Minecraft scoreboard limitations
    progress_bar_width: 12
    progress_bar_back_color: '&c'
    progress_bar_fill_color: '&b'
    donation_text: '&cDonate: &e/buy'
    goal: 15.0
      port: 3306
      database: donationgoal
      prefix: dg_
      use_ssl: true

    In order to get your purchase platform to add purchases to the database, simply add a command on purchase to run the following:
    /donationgoal adddonation {id} {amount}
    ID is the purchaser's UUID, and amount is the size of the purchase.
    You will also want to add refund/chargeback commands:
    /donationgoal removedonation {id} {amount}
    Here is an example for a $1.00 package on Tebex:
    Make sure that these commands are set to run even if the player is offline.
    Typically, you do not want to add an expiry command. The goal resets on the first of every month. If you have packages lasting less than a month, you may want to lengthen them or add an expiry command.

    There are a few commands to help manage the plugin.
    In order to use them, you must have donationgoal.manipulate.
    /donationgoal reload - Reloads the configuration (restart may be required for some features)
    /donationgoal adddonation (uuid) (amount) - Adds a donation to the database
    /donationgoal removedonation (uuid) (amount) - Removes 1 donation matching both fields from the database
    /donationgoal querydb [uuid] [amount] - Queries and prints any matching donations. UUID and amount optional.
    /donationgoal cleardb - Clears all donations
    /donationgoal checkreset - Manually triggers the nightly check to see if a database reset is required (if it's a new month)
    /donationgoal updatesidebar - Manually updates the fields in the sidebar

    In order for the sidebar to appear for people, they MUST have the permission donationgoal.display
    You can use this permission node to hide the donation goal from donators or staff by revoking donationgoal.display.

    Testing server:

    For support, join my Discord



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