DonatorAddons CONFIG/FIREWORK/EFFECT/SOUNDS/CHAT and variable 6.3

Its good for your donators

  1. Senneistheboss
    [By Senneistheboss]
    Hello this is a plugin that you give your donators a little thing to get if they pay for a rank just if the players see they think i need to buy a rank to get this 2

    Whats in the plugin and firework on join if they have the permission and they get a hat with fire particle plus a sound and a better chat prefix

    If you use my wardrobe on a survival server all armor that goes away is not my voult

    /do-wardrobe-chainmail with permission donator.wardrobe.chainmail
    /do-wardrobe with permission donator.wardrobe
    /do-help without any permission
    /do-reload with permission donator.reload
    /do-enchant with permission donator.enchant
    /do-love with permission
    /do-color with permission donator.color
    Donator.join to get all the little gadgets
    Donator.leave to get only the leave message
    NoPermMessage: '&c&lYou do not have permissions to do this.'
    DonatorLeft: '&a[Vip]%player% &6has left the game.'
    PlayerLeft: '&7[Guest]%player% &6has left the game.'
    Donatorjoin: '&a[Vip]%player% &6has joined the game.'
    PlayerJoin: '&7[Guest]%player% &6has joined the game'
    DonationLink_on_help_page: '&c&lChangeYourSiteHereIntoTheConfig'
    LoveMessage: '&9Enjoy&7>&c&l love particles.'
    ColorMessage: '&9Enjoy&7>&c&l color particles.'
    EnchantMessage: '&9Enjoy&7>&c&l Enchanted particles.'
    %player% to get the players name
    The firework is now based on rainbow but in following updates you can change the firework
    If you join the server if you have the permission Donator.join they get the HEARTS particle on join you can't change that right now mayby in following updates
    On join with the permission Donator.join you wil get a green hat with Fire particles
    If you dont have the permission you wil hear on join ANVIL_BREAK sound but if you the permission Donator.join you wil get the sound ENDERDRAGON_GROWL
    Mayby if you want i can add this into the config that you can change it in the following updates
    [Dont have any test server]
    pm me if you use it on your server

    If you like download pls and revieuw
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  1. Strive_Han
    Version: 6.3
    Excellent!Thank you!and it make me sever funnier,good plugin!It's make mine sever cool!
  2. Golicraft
    Version: 6.3
    Cool plugin. Use it for my server 50/120 players
    1. Senneistheboss
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the revieuw
  3. Proximyst
    Version: 6.3
    Check discussion for the reasoning about this review. (Poorly coded, and he's clearly not fluent in java at all)
  4. MrSpomg
    Version: 6.1
    WOW! A very funny and good plugin! I love the dev <3 XD I recomended! Very good idea jaja, and also funny!
    1. Senneistheboss
      Author's Response
      Thanks man if realy hard working on this
  5. jarnevan
    Version: 5.0
    This is a amazing plugin you can change everything in the config if you are looking for a good onjoin plugin YOu need to download this
    1. Senneistheboss