DonatorJoin+ 2.4.0

An advanced message manager for join & quit events (server + world) per rank.

  1. didjee2
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:

    • Disable default join & quit messages.
    • Priorities (if someone has multiple ranks which are set to have a join message, it will only send the highest priority message - priorities can be disabled!)
    • Custom Join message per rank (can be disabled)
    • Custom Quit message per rank (can be disabled)
    • Sound on join / quit (you can find the sounds here)
    • Firework on join / quit
    • Define join / quit messages based on rank OR permission
    • Players can customize sounds on join / leave (when having a certain permission)
    • Ability to toggle join / quit messages, sounds & firework per player
    • Supports SuperVanish & PremiumVanish
    • Supports clip's PlaceHolderAPI
    • Fully customizable
    • Multiple storage types
    • Ability to toggle donator join messages on/off
    • Per world donator join messages
    • Donator Slots system (read more below)
    • Multiple message lines using <nl>
    • Metrics using bstats
    • BungeeCord version with similar features (join, quit & switch events)
    • Vault (last version)
    Commands - Permissions
    • /djp reload - donatorjoinplus.reload
    • /djp toggle [player] - donatorjoinplus.toggle & donatorjoinplus.toggle.others
    • /djp enable [player] - donatorjoinplus.toggle & donatorjoinplus.toggle.others
    • /djp disable [player] - donatorjoinplus.toggle & donatorjoinplus.toggle.others
    • /djp setslotgroup (player) (groupname) - donatorjoinplus.setslotgroup
    • /djp listsounds - donatorjoinplus.listsounds (this command lists available sounds of your server version and creates a paste at (this might load a while))
    • /djp joinsound (sound) [player] - donatorjoinplus.changesound.join & donatorjoinplus.changesound.join.other
    • /djp leavesound (sound) [player] - donatorjoinplus.changesound.leave & donatorjoinplus.changesound.leave.other
    • /djp togglesound [player] - donatorjoinplus.togglesound & donatorjoinplus.togglesound.other
    • /djp togglefirework [player] - donatorjoinplus.togglefirework & donatorjoinplus.togglefirework.other
    • /djp togglemessages - donatorjoinplus.togglemessages


    SlotForcer / Donator Slots

    SlotForcer is a system that allows the server to go over its max player limit by a preset amount.

    For example, when your server is full, and you staff to be able to join still, then this is a perfect tool to do so.

    By making a slotforcer limit for the group "staff" with 10 additional slots, you would allow a server of f.e. 20 slots to go up to 30 slots (with 10 of them guaranteed being staff).

    Not many permission systems have loaded in player permissions when the PlayerLoginEvent gets fired (which is used for this system), so to use this system, you have to set the slotgroup with /djp setslotgroup (player) (groupname) (with groupname being the name from the limit int he config).

    • These slots are only being used when the server is FULL.
    • If your hosting service restricts the amount of allowed slots, you should not use this feature, as this might lead into the suspension of your service (depending on the host you use).


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    is an all-in-one system for managing your BungeeCord server. It comes with plenty of built in management systems and staff utilities. The plugin is fully configurable and all messages / settings can be changed or disabled.​

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Recent Reviews

  1. SaneK333
    Version: 2.3.7
    Quite useful plugin for some servers. Thank you for creating this plugin! Good luck in the future!
  2. TeamXd
    Version: 2.3.6
    add random join message feature pls hehehe ..... .
  3. DarthEdard
    Version: 2.3.6
    Download failed, direct link?
  4. TommyTran732
    Version: 2.3.5
    Very nice and helpful dev :)
    As I see a lot of other comments complimenting that the premiumvanish integration in fact does work, I just wanna say that it is only present on the Spigot version, not Bungeecord.
    1. didjee2
      Author's Response
      I know this is a horribly late reply to this, but v2.4.0 will come with PremiumVanish integration on the Bungee side (as long as you have the plugin installed there)
  5. TeamXd
    Version: 2.3.5
    The supervanish/premiumvanish support works btw...
    I did not notice that.

  6. Gabriel2007
    Version: 2.3.1
    Um plugin ótimo, estava a um tempo procurando por ele. Não sei criar plugins, então me ajudou muito.
  7. DeleteMetaInf
    Version: 2.3.1
    DonatorJoin+ is an absolutely phenomenal plugin.
    It has lots of features, and the plugin author added every feature that I requested and fixed every bug I reported within a short period of time. I also got quick support after asking for help.

    Because of this, didjee2 has become one of my favourite developers. I can’t recommend DonatorJoin+ enough! It’s an absolutely fantastic plugin with the quality and support of an expensive premium plugin. It’s 110% worth the low, low price of $0!
    1. didjee2
      Author's Response
      I'm glad you like DonatorJoin+, thank you for the amazing suggestions though!

      Also a big thanks for the review!

      PS: usually I have quicker support on my Discord server, see (it's the first thing I check whenever I come online)
  8. SillySushi
    Version: 2.2.3
    The plugin is great! Really helpful developer who is both friendly and active on discord.
    1. didjee2
      Author's Response
      Thank you! Glad I could help you, I hope you find my plugin useful :)
  9. GamePvP
    Version: 2.2.2

    First very cool plugin. I had a question and I would like to introduce this plugin on my channel. I would be glad if this video would then come to your plugin page under tutorial. For your German Community.

    Pair of information

    Youtube = GamePvP
    Discord = @ GamePvP # 1234

    Write me on discord times.

    With best regards,
    1. didjee2
      Author's Response
      Couldn't send you a friend request (discord didn't find it), but you could join my Discord server ( and make a ticket in the botcommands channel (the ticket is basically a PM then).

      I'm glad you like my plugin though :)
  10. SemiMute
    Version: 2.1.5
    Great support. the developer worked with me for several hours helping me solve the issue I was having. Great plugin!
    1. didjee2
      Author's Response
      Glad that you got it working :)

      If you have any more issues / suggestions, feel free to contact me!