DontBurnOthers 1.0

Prevents the use of FlintAndSteel and lava buckets while others are near

  1. tkausl
    Just a simple plugin for non-pvp servers or survival servers who want to prevent players to kill others with fire or lava.

    It has only two config-keys:
    range: Other players have to be at least this many blocks away from the new fire/lavasource

    message: The message which will be sent to the player if someone is to near. The keyword %other% will get replaced by the other player which is to near and '&' gets replaced by 'ยง' to allow colorcodes.

    Players with the permission 'dontburnothers.ignore' will be able to bypass this rule.

    The SourceCode is released at GitHub under the MIT-License.
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Recent Reviews

  1. xbenas
    Version: 1.0
    Just works & great for preventing indirect player killing on PvP disabled servers! Thanks!