Double Jump BETA 1.0

A double jump plugin that dosen't affect gmc (or /fly) and works on 1.8-1.8.8

  1. EvanTheSurfer
    After downloading a couple double jump plugins in the past, I have found many that affect players that are trying to fly. When they try to fly, they just simply double jump. I have found an easy fix for this. So what does this plugin do? Well, This plugin allows you to double jump. I would highly recommend this for a hub server, because it allows players to get from place to place easier and faster. When you double tap space, there is a cool lightning effect, and a sound is played. Customization for these options may be added in the future.

    To do:
    >> add a way of toggling it on and off
    >> customization options for sound
    >> Add cooldown option

    IF YOU EXPERIENCE ANY ISSUES WITH THE PLUGIN, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT IN THE DISCUSSION SECTION BEFORE GIVING THIS PLUGIN A RATING. Also, if you have any requests, please put them in the discussion section as well.