Double Jump 4.0

Let's you Double Jump in minecraft like Mario can

  1. Shinxs
    ==== Double Jump ====
    This plugin allows you to double jump just like in mario!

    Latest Version: V4.0
    The plugin is now for 1.8.1

    ==== Features ====
    Setting the jump height.

    Setting if there is a message send if the player jumps.

    Setting the message.

    Permissions: doublejump.jump

    Effect under the player when jumps(this will be toggleble)

    Sound plays when player jumps

    You can disable and enable Double Jump in different worlds

    ==== Comming Features ====
    Option if you hold an item(you can choose and item by putting the item id in config) you can double jump or not

    Cooldown (configurable)

    If you have an idea just post them down there.

Recent Reviews

  1. mistermsk
    Version: 4.0
    Used on 1.15.1 Seems to work great. No errors so far and users seem to like it a lot.