DoubleEnderchest 1.0.2

Enderchest, but double!

  1. Avixk
    This plugin is meant for plug-and-play compatibility, but has the option for permissions.

    • Double enderchests
    • Right-click in the air with an enderchest to open it on the fly
    • Configurable command(s) to open enderchests
    • Admins can open other people's DoubleEnderchests
    • Feature to enable/disable permission requirements
    • Separate permission nodes for opening echests, opening echests in the air, opening echests with commands, and opening other people's echests.
    • Automatically converts old enderchests to DoubleEnderchests
    • doubleenderchest.chest - usage of DoubleEnderchests
    • doubleenderchest.item - usage of DoubleEnderchests through echest items
    • doubleenderchest.command - usage of DoubleEnderchests through commands
    • doubleenderchest.viewother - open other player's DoubleEnderchests
    • use_permissions: false # false=anyone can use DoubleEnderchests through items, commands, and right-clicking them
    • commands: # list of commands that can open DoubleEnderchests
      - 'enderchest'
      - 'echest'
      - 'chest'
      - 'ec'
    Test Servers
    • hmu if you want your server here!

Recent Updates

  1. Bug fixes
  2. UUID support

Recent Reviews

  1. BrayzPlayz
    Version: 1.0.2
    I didn't see any bugs like that other guy said, hm must have been on his end. Either way, this plugin is very useful! Thanks for a simple easy plugin :)
  2. andrei1058
    Version: 1.0.1
    There is a bug. Everytime when a player leave the server the enderchest will be cleaned
    1. Avixk
      Author's Response
      This doesn't happen on my test server. If you want to pm me your server's IP I can join and take a look!
  3. CubWatson
    Version: 1.0.0
    This plugin is amazing, great job ;)