||DoubleResources||Skript 1.0.1

This Plugin makes sure you get mining double resources

  1. EpiCFoXer

    • Makes sure you get mining double resources.
    • In this Version of the plugin he brings 1 random block he is the sponge.
    • When you are mining the sponge he gives random items/blocks.
    • In futures versions they will create new randoms blocks.
    • When you are felling trees it give 1 of whis wood and 5 random wood...
    • Iron Ore And Diamond Ore Give More Items.
    • In Future Version GlowStone Give Heal II , Lapiz Laluzi Give More Items And More!

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Recent Reviews

  1. ImOffline
    Version: 1.0.1
    Good! But how about renaming of resource 'cause it's really LuckyResources but not DoubleResources;)
    1. EpiCFoXer
      Author's Response
      LuckyResources It not apropieit for the Plugin because the base of the plugin is to get 2x resources but i add a 2 random blocks