Draconic Evolution Spigot 1.5.4

Awesome armor and utilities!

  1. Issue fixxes

    - Fixxed the new Item Config
  2. Configuration improvements

    - Added Items now Configurable
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  3. Bug fixes and 1 Boss!

    - Added Chaos Guardian
    - Added Targeting Projectiles
    - Added Advanced Ender Dragon Settings
    - improved Performance
    - Added Chaos Guardian Scroll
    - Added Recipes

    To obtain the scroll do /dr items
    Warning! Currently its impossible to beat the Chaos Guardian in Survival mode.
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  4. Performance Update

    - Fixed small Bugs
    - Changed /dr dev gives you the Chaotic Eye to test around with now
    -------- Performance Improvements --------
    All Tasks and checks of DE now cancel their selfs if they are not needed anymore.
    Calculations now run more logic and dont use the cpus so much anymore
  5. General Improvements

    Added Shield Mechanics
    Added New Entity (Not done yet)
    Fixed serval small issues
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  6. Added Draconium Armor

    + Added Draconium Armor Recipes
    + Added Awakened Piece
    + Added Awakened Piece Recipe
    + Added Awakened Core
    + Added Awakened Core Recipes
    + Improved Recipe System
    + Rework of the Fusion Crafter Recipe System
  7. Improvements and Bug fixes

    + Added Combat Mode (Shield will no longer Regenerate while in Combat)
    + Added Draconium Armor (Only Cheatable)
    + Improved Wyvern Armor is now Purple and Draconic Armor is orange
    + Added new Awakener Recipe System
    + Fixed many many issues
  8. Small shield improvements

    + Shield now Regenerates until ist full
    + Shield now Regenerates a tiny bit faster
    + /dr dev will may give you the armor
  9. Command Improvments

    Added Tabcomplete
    Added /dr setMax
    Added /dr setCurrent
    Added /dr addCurrent
    Added /dr removeCurrent
    Fixed console errors