Dragon Shout 1.9.0

Unleash the power within!

  1. sword7
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Dragon Shout is a plugin that adds many Skyrim shouts to Minecraft. Each shout has a unique magical effect. All shouts consist of three words. Each word shouted increases the power of the shout's effect.


    Unrelenting Force, Whirlwind Sprint, Storm Call, Clear Skies, Call of Valor, Become Ethereal, Fire Breath, Frost Breath, Ice Form, Elemental Fury, Cyclone, Kyne's Peace, Meteor Storm, Soul Cairn Summons

    Players unlock new words of power through obtaining and right clicking on dragon bones. The plugin comes with an optional resource pack that adds custom textures to dragon bones.
    You can download the resource pack at: https://eclipsekingdom.com/info/plugins/resources/dragonshout_pack.zip

    Dragons have a small chance to spawn in high mountaintops and in associated biomes for each dragon type. Dragons may look cute, but are ferocious creatures. One should not be approached unless you are ready for a fight.

    red_dova-opt.png ice_dova-opt.png green_dova-opt.png

    When slain, dragons will drop gold and rare gems. Dragons also have a small chance to drop a dragon bone that can be used to unlock a shout.

    /fus [1-3] - Unrelenting Force
    /wuld [1-3] - Whirlwind Sprint
    /strun [1-3] - Storm Call
    /lok [1-3] - Clear Skies
    /hun [1-3] - Call of Valor
    /feim [1-3] - Become Ethereal
    /yol [1-3] - Fire Breath
    /fo [1-3] - Frost Breath
    /iiz [1-3] - Ice Form
    /su [1-3] - Elemental Fury
    /ven [1-3] - Cyclone
    /kaan [1-3] - Kyne's Peace
    /golz [1-3] - Meteor Storm
    /diil [1-3] - Soul Cairn Summons

    Admin Commands:
    /dova - Summon a dragon!
    /bone [type] - Get a dragon bone
    /bone [type] [amount] - Get dragon bone(s)
    /bone [type] [amount] [player] - Give player dragon bone(s)

    * dragon.bone -- grants access to /bone
    * dragon.cooldown -- exempts player from cooldowns
    * dragon.shouts -- unlocks all shouts
    * dragon.spawn -- grants access to /dova
    * dragon.* -- grants all permissions

    - Roar range sets the range that nearby players will receive the roar message
    - Shout cooldowns can be hidden until finished, or displayed on a cooldown bar

    Player Data:
    Unlocked shouts are stored in a yml file with the following format:
    The number after the point indicates the unlocked shout level (1-3).



    Copyright © 2019 Eclipse Kingdom


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Recent Reviews

  1. MagicWalrus
    Version: 1.8
    This is a amazing resource if you are looking to spice up your server or you are just a Elder Scrolls fan. First of all it's free compared to other Shout plugins and it's even better. The best part of this plugin is its drag and drop installation. Players can unlock shouts by slaying a new mob called DOVA (dragon) and it's a amazing feature makes the plugin way more immersive instead of giving permissions. Looking forward to more shouts.
  2. honla
    Version: 1.14_1.4
    it´s very original, but, can you add support for 1.13.2? is the version of my server and i want to add this plugin
    1. sword7
      Author's Response
      Thank you! I really want to support more versions and plan to eventually. I have recently started looking into how to support more than one version of spigot with a single jar, but need time to learn what I am doing :P
  3. BeerDude
    Version: 1.14_1.3
    Amazing plugin from an amazing author, He is also fun to chat with. If you run an RPG Server this plugin is a must. :)
    1. sword7
      Author's Response
      Much appreciated. I'm glad you like it :)
  4. raedan01
    Version: 1.14_1.2
    Love it, very fun and imaginative. responds very well to help requests. thank you very much
    1. sword7
      Author's Response
      your very welcome :) Thanks for the review
  5. Joseph1590
    Version: 2019-05-31
    Very cool and all but i would like 1.14.2 compatibility but still giving 5 stars for amazing idea and give him time to update it
    1. sword7
      Author's Response
      I'm on it!
      and thanks for the review :)