Dragon Shout 1.10.0

Unleash the power within!

  1. Massive rewrite, Equip and view shouts menu, Version support, New shouts

    Whats new?
    * Extended support to 1.9-1.16
    * Removed dova
    * Added ender dragon bone drops
    * Changed config file format
    * Added language file
    * Removed Shouts [Soul Carion Summons, Meteor Storm]
    * Added Shouts [Animal Allegiance, Disarm, Dismay, Dragonrend, Marked for Death]
    * Shouts can no longer be used under water
    * Added shouts menu (use /shouts to open)
    * Shouts can now be equipped in the shouts menu
    * Equipped shouts can be activated by pressing 'f'
    * Added optional boss bar cooldown
    * Added plugin wiki
    * Added new permissions for enhanced cooldown and abilities
    dragonshout.cooldown.10 - increases cooldown rate by 10%
    dragonshout.cooldown.25 - increases cooldown rate by 25%
    dragonshout.cooldown.50 - increases cooldown rate by 50%
    dragonshout.ability.the-fire-within - fire breath does 25% more damage
    dragonshout.ability.eternal-spirit - regenerate health while ethereal
    dragonshout.ability.dragonborn-flame - spawn a fire wyrm for every fire-breath kill
    dragonshout.ability.dragonborn-frost - frost breath encases targets in ice
    dragonshout.ability.dragonborn-force - unrelenting force does 50% more damage
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