Dragon Shout 1.10.0

Unleash the power within!

  1. Massive rewrite, Equip and view shouts menu, Version support, New shouts

    Whats new?
    * Extended support to 1.9-1.16
    * Removed dova
    * Added ender dragon bone drops
    * Changed config file format
    * Added language file
    * Removed Shouts [Soul Carion Summons, Meteor Storm]
    * Added Shouts [Animal Allegiance, Disarm, Dismay, Dragonrend, Marked for Death]
    * Shouts can no longer be used under water
    * Added shouts menu (use /shouts to open)
    * Shouts can now be equipped in the shouts menu
    * Equipped shouts can be activated by pressing 'f'
    * Added optional...
  2. Shouts Command

    Whats new?

    * Added command to view shouts
    /shouts - view all unlocked shouts and power
    * Changed /dragon command to /dragonshout
    * Added command and permission descriptions to the plugin.yml
  3. Language File, Bug fix

    Whats new?
    * Added a language file
    * Fixed error caused by using action bar with 1.13
    * Added 1.13 action bar support
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  4. Compatability, Completions, and new PlayerEvent

    Whats new?
    * Added auto completions for the /bone commands
    * Added support for servers running 1.13
    * Added an PlayerSlayDragonEvent for developers. This could be used in a statistics plugin.
  5. Dragon Knockback and Bone Command

    Whats new?
    * Dragons will now take knockback
    * Changed Ice Form identifier from liz to iiz in the dragon bone command
  6. Dragon Fixes and Console Command

    Whats new?
    * Added ability to reward dragon bones remotely:
    - /bone [type] [amount] -- get bones
    - /bone [type] [amount] [player] -- gift player bones
    * Fixed error causing dragons to lose their AI in unloaded chunks. Dragons will now be removed from unloaded chunks.
  7. More Dragons

    Whats new?
    * Added poison dragon
    * Added ice dragon
    * Dragon spawns changed
    - all dragons types spawn on mountain tops
    - dragons spawn in element associated biomes
    * Dragons now have a small chance to drop their head
    * Dragons now have a small chance to drop a dragon egg
    * Added particles to freeze burn effect from Frost Breath
    * Dragons will now be properly hit by Frost Breath, Ice Form, and Kyne's Peace
    * Lots of bug fixes:
    - Fixed many...
  8. Red Dragon!

    Whats new?
    * Fixed error caused by inputting an invalid shout power
    * Summoned entities follow players again
    * Fixed error caused by hitting multiple enemies with Frost Breath
    * Added Red Dragons! They may look cute, but be warned, they are extremely tough.
    * New command:
    -- /dova - summon a red dragon
    * New permission:
    -- dragon.spawn - grants access to /dova
    * Dragons drop dragon bones
    * Added dova.yml to alter dragon spawning behavior and loot
    * Added an...
  9. Ice Form Freeze

    Whats new?
    - Entities frozen by Ice Form no longer slide out of their icy prison. Entities are now locked in place for the duration of the shout.
    - Fixed issue where Ice Form blocks where not always removed if a player was using the shout repeatedly without cooldown
  10. Pets and Permissions

    Whats new?
    - added new permissions
    * dragon.bone -- grants access to /bone
    * dragon.cooldown -- exempts from cooldown
    * dragon.shouts -- grants all shouts
    - summoned creatures no longer attack the shouter's pets