Dragon Slaying 11.1.1


  1. Scorpion
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Dragon Slayer

    This plugin has the ability to respawn the dragon for all 1.8 servers.(Version 9.2)
    Due to 1.9+ needing player input it does not respawn for 1.9(Can be toggled at own risk)

    Last most stable 1.8 build: Version 9.2
    For a 1.13 version: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/dragon-slayer-1-13-very-early-access.64236/

    Commands:(Commands may be version related!)
    /dragon kill
    /dragon setspawn
    /dragon version
    /dragon respawn

    - dragon.use(Active in Version 9.2)

    Code (Text):

      console: 'Must be a player to perform these commands.'
      prefix: '&6[&9DragonSlayer&6]'
      giveskull: true
      skullname: '&6EnderDragon &9Skull'
      head: 'KingEndermen'
      lore: '&9The head of the &6EnderDragon'
      name: '&9FireDragon'
      respawnDragon: false
      health: 1000
      respawnTime: 120
      killedDragon: '&6{0} &9killed the dragon using &6{1} &9and got its head'
        - '&9&m=-======-=&6[&9DragonSlayer&6]&9&m=-======-='
        - '&6/dragon | dragon help &9Will show all that u put here(Everyone will see this'
        - '&6/dragon version &9Shows the plugins version.'
        - '&6/dragon kill &9Kills the dragon(all of them)'
        - '&6/dragon setspawn &9Sets the respawn for the dragon'
        - '&9&m=-======-=&6[&9DragonSlayer&6]&9&m=-======-='
      noperm: '&4You dont have the correct permissions'
      crystalset: '&9Set &6crystal&9 at your location'
      spawnset: '&9Succesfully set the spawn at world &6{0}'
      killcommand: '&9Succesfully killed all nearby dragons'
      respawned: '&9The dragon&6 %name% &9has respawned'
      nospawn: '&4The dragon failed to recieve a respawn location!'
      nottrue: '&Dragon spawn was never set to &6true&9!'
      alive: '&9Dragon is already alive!'

    configVersion: 1.0

    Dragon File
    Code (Text):
      portal: true
      alive: true
      broadcast: true
      multislayer: true
      yaw: 31.049627
      pitch: 41.549847
      z: 10.192448104036728
      y: 86.84309117426697
      world: world_the_end
      x: 20.9186098989602

    For 1.8.X servers the whole plugin works just fine, the dragon can respawn and will fly normally. So all you have to do really is set the respawn for the dragon

    /dragon setspawn

    kill the dragon anyway you like and you're done :)

    Spanish video/tutorial made by: Maximiliano(Active for 1.8 Spigot Servers)

    Got a video? Tell me! Ill add it here :)


    Any questions? just ask! :)

    - You are not allowed to decompile and recompile this for public use
    - You are not allowed to republish the plugin.
    - You may not claim this plugin as your own.

    Failing to comply will result that i wont offer any support when it breaks down for you.
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  2. 11.1.0
  3. 11.0.1(Beta)

Recent Reviews

  1. dinoboss2001
    Version: 11.0.0(Beta)
    Hello, I like your work and I am thinking of asking if you can add support 1.12.2 since few plugins like this are good thanks for reading and a greeting I look forward to your next project,...
    1. Scorpion
      Author's Response
      This specific plugin on this page will remain 1.8.x as posted in a few updates ago.

      In time i may upload a resource as 1.12 albeit a different page.
  2. Dalki
    Version: 10.2
    1.12+ commands can't use. /Dragon and /dragon re spawn will not.. :-( Please fix - i love it plugin!
    1. Scorpion
      Author's Response
      giving a bad review while the page stages where what works..?

      The 1.12+ does not possess any commands that should work since those were designed for respawning purposes which 1.12 cannot do unfortunately.

      Plans are there to make it completely different for 1.12+ since the 1.8 bug updates have closed and I no longer support. The latest for 1.8 and below should work completely for those spigot server versions.

      Just takes time to make it 1.12 proof.
  3. NexGenHD
    Version: 9.2
    perfect, also gave a suggestion and implemented very quickly, 5 stars :). a very good plugin, I recommend it.
  4. Ordrox
    Version: 5.0
    Realy nice plugin, does exactly what it suposed to do!
    No bugs found, still some adds would be nice (will talk about it in discuss)