Dragon Slaying 11.1.1


  1. 11.1.1

  2. 11.1.0

    + Added a config check
    +* Made the kill msg configurable, added the msg to config.

    * Made the plugin load a bit more data on lauch, less config reading.

    - Removed Color1 and Color2 from the config files.
  3. 11.0.1(Beta)

    * Moved some messages in config to a new section.

    This also fixes an error the previous version gives when a message is attempted to send.

    Non update fix:
    Code (Text):
      noperm: '&4You dont have the correct permissions'
      crystalset: '&9Set &6crystal&9 at your location'
      spawnset: '&9Succesfully set the spawn at world &6{0}'
      killcommand: '&9Succesfully killed all nearby dragons'
      respawned: '&9The dragon&6 %name% &9has respawned'
      nospawn: '&4The dragon failed to recieve a respawn location!'...
  4. Beta 11.0.0(For 1.8) Update

    This is a beta release.

    Decided to keep this plugin full-on 1.8.x and only support 1.8.x for it.
    Rewrote the entire plugin from scratch so old configs may not fully work.

    Rewrite is still in progress bugs may exist.
    Please use the discussion section or direct message me with any bugs and i will fix them asap!

    Nothing has changed from its original design before 1.12(in a few updates).
    Latest stable version: 9.2
    All versions after were attempts to 1.12.x compatability but decided against...
  5. fixed naming from... well yea

    Title says it.

    I was testing stuff and in my tests i forgot to change the test name back to its custom 1..
    sorry and thanks for reporting this :p

    Message from developer:(edited:19-01-19)
    I decided to keep this plugin alive, but as a 1.8 version.
    This means the next release(11.0.0) and beyond will ONLY support 1.8 servers.
    You can ofcourse try it on later server versions but thats at own risk.
  6. Name that beast!

    + Added ability to set the dragon name
    + Added the ability to ajust its health and max health.

    Config options that must be added to avoid issues:

    Code (Text):
      prefix: '&3[&9Dragon Slayer&3]'
      ingameprefix: '&3[&9Dragon Slayer&3]'
      killer: '&3Enderdragon died by the hands of &9{0}'
      dragonname: '&9FireDragon'
      maxhealth: 2000
  7. The Future

    This update is a huge downgrade from what the plugin used to offer...

    While all 1.8 server related versions are still on the page and their support for settings is still there, i wont update them.

    All "new" updates will be 1.12 related.

    To start simply, i made the plugin go down a ton in features cause most need a recoding and alot of checking but wanted to make sure you guys can have a prefix without a ton of errors or bugs.

    Currently the plugin is plug & play and if "downgrading" from...
  8. 9.2

    + /dragon respawn

    This update was requested.

    As the name suggests this allows you to pre-respawn the dragon as the plugin would when on a timer, it will/should not allow 2 dragons to respawn as it uses the same system as the timed version just speeds up the process.

    This as with the regular dragon system for respawns should only be used on on 1.8 versions. All other things work on any version.
  9. Page Cleanup

    That last page..looked messy didn't it?

    No new things no changes.

    Just making the page look bit better.

    I don't have those programs that create "awesome" pages but it looks alot nicer than before right? :p
  10. Dragon..slayer..

    Ah i love this plugin..1 of my first :p

    This update adds a config option to support ...or fix possible errors on 1.9+ servers.

    respawndragon: false

    When false the plugin will not/should not (attempt) to respawn the dragon.

    New updates for 1.9/1.10 broke alot of dragon plugins and didn't want mine to die completely so here it finally is...

    Been away for a while sorry about that, added new stuff to spigot and updated alot of plugins both private and public.

    This should support all...