DragonDropElytra 2.13.2

When the Ender dragon is killed an Elytra is dropped.

  1. JoelStoner
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Well here is another Hermitcraft inspired plugin.

    This plugin detects when a player kills the End Dragon, and drops an Elytra based on configuration.
    1. drop-on-ground: Drops the Elytra on the ground at droploc.
    2. place-in-chest: Places Elytra in a chest at droploc
    3. give-to-player: Places Elytra in killing player's inventory
    If player's inventory is full, it will drop the Elytra on the ground at the player's location.

    • auto-update-check: true
    • # Change to false to stop auto update check
    • debug: false
    • # Change to true for debug report
    • droploc: 0, 62, 4
    • # X, Y, Z coordinates to place chest or drop item
    • drop-on-ground: false
    • # Set to true to drop the Elytra at the location provided
    • place-in-chest: false
    • # Set to true to place Elytra in chest at the location provided.
    • give-to-player: true
    • # Set to true to give Elytra to player that killed the Dragon
    Permissions: None

    Commands: None

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Recent Reviews

  1. The_Loyal_One
    Version: 2.13.2
    Great plugin, dev responds to requests. Deserves more downloads. Thank you for maintaining the plugin.