DragonEggDrop Revival 1.8.2

Ender Dragon loot tables and death effects. (Active Fork of PixelStix's DragonEggDrop)

  1. Minor Bug Fixes

    • Add a /dragontemplate <template> generateloot argument to generate the loot table of the specified template. A chest will be placed at the feet of the player running the command.
      • Permission: dragoneggdrop.command.template.generateloot, default to op players
    • CAUTION: Changed permission nodes for commands
      • dragoneggdrop.reload -> dragoneggdrop.command.reload
      • dragoneggdrop.respawn -> dragoneggdrop.command.respawn
      • dragoneggdrop.respawn.stop -> dragoneggdrop.command.respawn.stop
      • dragoneggdrop.respawn.start -> dragoneggdrop.command.respawn.start
      • dragoneggdrop.respawn.template -> dragoneggdrop.command.respawn.template
      • dragoneggdrop.template.list -> dragoneggdrop.command.template.list
      • dragoneggdrop.template.info -> dragoneggdrop.command.template.info
    • Update to Placeholder API 2.10.7 (versions before this will no longer work)
    • Players that do not have permission for a command will no longer see them suggested
    • /dragonrespawn template get argument has been removed. /dragonrespawn template [world] will suffice (where world is optional)
    • Fix NullPointerException under rare conditions where a 1.15.2 world was converted to 1.16.1
    • Fix loot table item lores and names not translating colour codes
    • Fix enchanted books not properly applying the "enchantments" tag in loot tables
    • Fix use of deprecated hover text component API
    • Fix NinjaStix not being listed as a project contributor in the plugin's description file
    • (#33) Fix various placeholders not working if PAPI was not installed, despite being a soft dependency
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