DragonEggDrop Revival 1.7.0

Custom Ender Dragon loot to reward your players greatly! (Active Fork of PixelStix's DragonEggDrop)

  1. Minecraft 1.14 support

    • Update to Minecraft 1.14
    • Drop support for Minecraft 1.13.0
    • Fix an IllegalStateException when running /dragoneggdrop due to the updater not being initialized
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  2. Critical Bug Fixes

    • Fix a NullPointerException on startup if dragon templates contained any loot without enchantments
    • Fix a rare NullPointerException thrown when generating dragon loot if, somehow, a dragon's name was invalid
    • Fix file-based template identifiers allowing the use of spaces rendering them inaccessible by command. Dragon template identifiers now use underscores in place of spaces
    Thank you to SmallSansSerif for bringing these issues to my attention on my...
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  3. Featureful update and /dragonrespawn command

    • Added a /dragonrespawn command to better control how the respawn process works
      • /dragonrespawn <stop|interrupt|cancel> [world] will cancel any current respawn countdown either in the world in which the command is executed, or the specified world
      • /dragonrespawn <start> [time] [template] [world] will start a new respawn countdown for x amount of time (defaults to 5m) with the specified template (defaults to a random template) in the given world (defaults to the world in...
  4. Minor fixes for the previous release

    • Fixed a NullPointerException when throwing a dragon egg in the end before a dragon has been spawned since the last reset
    • Fixed some missing whitespace in default dragon templates
    • Fixed particles not showing from a distance, ruining the overall death effect of the dragon. Particles are now forcibly spawned for the death animation
    • Fixed a pseudorandom player being chosen as the target for dragon reward commands. The killer will now be selected as the feature implies
  5. DragonEggDrop for Minecraft 1.9.x - 1.12.x and 1.13.x

    While this is a 1.5.0 release, it should be noted that there are two 1.5.0 versions; regular and legacy. Between the two versions, changelogs are identical aside from the fact that the legacy version supports 1.9.x - 1.12.x (will be housed on the legacy branch) and the regular version supports Minecraft 1.13.x which will remain on the master branch and be supported for the foreseeable future. Below are the common patch notes...
  6. Small Fixes & Command Rewards

    • Fixed issue #5. NullPointerException when starting the plugin and "tempData.json" was empty
    • Fixed issue #7. NullPointerException if attempting to apply unsupported/unknown attributes to the dragon
    • Added a "death-commands" configuration option to execute commands as a reward for killing the dragon
      • %player% is a placeholder which gets...
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  7. Fixes & Template Attributes

    • All commands now have argument tab completion:
      • "/dragoneggdrop" will now tab-complete "help" and "reload"
      • "/dragontemplate" will now tab-complete all loaded templates as well as their subsequent command arguments
    • Dragon templates now support attributes! For a list of supported attributes, see Spigot's Attribute List and...
  8. Final Fixes & 1.4.0 Release

    • Added an "allow-crystal-respawns" configuration option (true or false) to toggle whether players can spawn a dragon using crystals or not. If set to false, any placed crystals will be dropped as items
    • Added a "strict-countdown" configuration option (true or false) which if set to true will stop any running respawn countdown if a dragon is manually spawned in the end
    • Fixed issue #4. Reset any crystal states upon...
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  9. Various Fixes & API Changes

    • DragonEggDrop's data is a lot more encapsulated and secure from external modification (developers, see API changes)
    • Dragon loot should now spawn properly per-world. There was a chance that the wrong loot would be spawned
    • Dragon templates are now identified using a unique identifier. This should not change much in game, though this further supports templates added programmatically :)
    • Action bar messages will no longer be displayed if the "announce-messages" configuration...
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  10. Generic Bug Fixes

    • Added various permission nodes for the /dragontemplate command (I may have forgotten these...)
    • Added a "data" option in the dragon templates loot configuration to allow for items with data values (damage was not working properly, but should work for items such as damaged weapons). "data" will represent numerical data values on items (i.e. skull with a data value of 4 will result in a dragon skull).
    • Removed the dragoneggdrop.addloot permission node (as it is now unused)...
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