DRAGONISTAN : Mount your own dragon and fight your enemies! 1.4.1

for Bukkit/Spigot 1.7-1.12

  1. Hazae41
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]



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    You must install this


    and this



    You can use this

    (or SavageFactions, FactionUUID)​

    • How to have a dragon?
    You have to find a dragon egg, your admins/players can sell them or you can find them around a death dragon.
    Then you have to place the egg somewhere you want to spawn a new dragon.​
    • How to mount and control a dragon?
    Right click a dragon to mount it.
    Once on, left click towards any direction to rush in that direction.​
    • My dragon does not seems to move in certain direction, is that normal?
    Check that the path is not obstructed by any block.
    In recent updates, the bounding box of a dragon is small, so you shouldn't have problems.
    For admins, having the permission "dragonistan.feather" can let you pass through blocks with your dragon if you right click with a feather
    • How to attack another dragon?
    Rush towards that dragon or throw fireballs on it.​
    • How to open the dragon inventory?
    You have to mount the dragon, and press the drop key (Q or A depending on your keyboard language).​
    • What happens if my dragon dies?
    The XP and the inventory content of your dragon will be dropped, with a dragon egg.​
    • How to throw fireballs?
    You must first have a fireball charge and a blaze rod.
    Open the inventory of your dragon and place the fireball charge anywhere.
    Take the blaze rod in your hand and right click towards a direction.
    You can use an end rod to throw dragonballs.
    If your dragon has an ice block in its inventory, the fireball will freeze the damaged dragon.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    • How to heal my dragons?
    You can heal your dragons with apples.​
    • How to rename my dragons?
    You can rename your dragons with a nametag.​
    • How to select one of my dragons and what is it for?
    You can select one of your dragons by mounting it or by typing /dragon select <id> where <id> is your dragon ID.
    Selecting a dragon can help you typing commands.
    Your selected dragon appears in gold in commands.​
    • How do I get the ID, health, location, level, ... of a dragon?
    Type /dragon list to show all your dragons.​
    • How do XP and levels work?
    When a dragon damages any entity or get damaged, it gets XP.
    With XP, the dragon gets levels. The higher a level is, the higher are the health of the dragon, and the damages caused by an attack.​
    • Why does my dragon get hurt when it touches water?
    Your dragon is made from lava and fire, it doesn't like water and gets damaged when it touches water. Therefore, you can't go underwater with your dragon! You can also make a trap for your enemy's dragon with some water :)
    • How does gravity work?
    In order to prevent alone dragons flying in the world, gravity moves your dragons downwards until they touch something.​
    • How does targetting work?
    You can look at an enemy dragon for 3 seconds in order to target it.​
    • What are teleporters and how to use them?
    A teleporter allows you to teleport your dragons to it.
    You just have to select a dragon and right-click an end portal frame.
    The location of the teleporter is learned by the dragon in order to teleport itself to the teleporter later.
    If the teleporter contains an eye of ender, you can teleport your dragons to it even if they are in another world.
    If your dragon knows a teleporter in the nether, you can go from the overworld to the nether and vice versa at any time by right-clicking a nether star while riding your dragon.​
    • How to prevent blocks being destroyed in my protected city?
    You can disable "enderdragon block damage" in WorldGuard: https://worldguard.enginehub.org/en/latest/regions/flags/#mobs-fire-and-explosions
    You can also prevent dragons entering your city by placing barriers and adding barriers to "hard materials" in Dragonistan config.​
    • My world is getting crappy cause of dragons destroying everything
    You can use BlockRegenerator to regenerate your world

    Code (Text):
    aliases: # Aliases of commands
      - d
      - dragon
      - dragons
      - list
      - l
      - spawn
      - sp
      - kill
      - k
      - select
      - sel
      - teleport
      - tp

    # A list of overworlds with their nether world and end world
      - world_nether
      - world_the_end
      - world2_nether
      - world2_the_end

    max-dragons-per-player: 10
    # Max amount of dragons a player can own

    dragon-health: 100.0
    # Health of a level 1 dragon
    health-per-level: 2.0
    # Added health for each level up

    xp-per-level: 200
    # Amount of XP required to level up
    xp-per-damage: 1
    # Amount of XP earned for each damage caused

    damage-multiplier-per-level: 50
    # The more it is, the more the damage are when the dragon is high level

    dragon-death-sound-pitch: 1.5
    # The pitch level of the dragon death sound

    time-between-attacks: 100
    # Milliseconds waited between each damage caused to an entity
    time-between-charge: 0
    # Milliseconds waited between each charge

    # A list of materials the dragon is damaged when touching
    - stationary_water
    - water
    dangerous-elements-damage: 0.25
    # Amount of damages caused for each dangerous blocks touched

    # A list of materials the dragon can't destroy even with charge attack
    - obsidian
    - bedrock
    - iron_block
    - gold_block
    - diamond_block
    - quartz_block
    - packed_ice

    gravity: 1.0
    # Force of the gravity, set it to 0.0 to disable it

    target-distance: 100
    # Max distance you are able to target a dragon

    charge-speed: 5
    # Speed of a charge attack
    charge-speed-divisor: 0.5
    # Deceleration coefficient of the charge attack
    # aka Briefness of the charge attack
    charge-time: 2
    # Duration of the charge attack

    factions-enabled: false
    # If enabled, your dragon won't attack the members of allied factions
    factions-plugin: "Factions"
    # Can be [Factions, SavageFactions, FactionsUUID]
    Code (Text):
    no-permission: "&cYou do not have permission!"
    dragon-born: "&9A dragon is born!"
    dragon-killed: "&9%name% (%id%) has left us"
    no-more-dragons: "&cYou cannot have more dragons!"
    no-selection: "&cYou do not have a selected dragon."
    dragon-not-found: "&cThis dragon could not be found."
    no-dragon: "&cYou do not have any dragon."
    not-yours: "&cThis dragon is not yours!"
    already-selected: "&cThis dragon is already selected!"
    not-a-number: "&cThis is not a number!"
    invalid-id: "&cThis ID does not exist."
    now-selected: "&9%name% (#%id%) selected!"
    dragon-list: "&9&lDragons:"
    dragon-list-distance: "at %distance% blocks"
    dragon-list-world: "in %world%"
    level: "Lvl%level%"
    level-up: "&9%name% is now level %level%"
    not-a-tamed-dragon: "&cThis is not a tamed dragon"
    mount-info: "&9Drop an item to open the dragon inventory. Click to charge."
    nametag-not-defined: "&cThis name tag is not defined!"
    name-changed: "&9Name changed!"
    heal-message: "&9%name%: %health%"
    noclip: "&9Noclip: %noclip%"
    teleporter-different-world: "&cYour dragon is in a different world! Please add an eye to the teleporter."
    teleporter-teleported: "&9Poof!"
    nether-star-unknown: "&cYour dragon does not know where to go in this world! Please use a teleporter before."
    nether-star-teleporter-destroyed: "&cThe teleporter has been destroyed."
    no-fireball: "&cPlease fill the dragon inventory."
    look-info: "%name% (%level%, %health%)"
    now-targeted: "&c%name% (%owner%) is now targeted!"
    now-targeted-by: "&c%owner% targeted your dragon: %name%"

    • /d, /dragon, /dragons
    Permission: dragonistan.help
    • /d list, /d l
    List your living dragons
    Permission: dragonistan.list​
    • /d spawn, /d sp
    Spawn a new dragon (for admins)
    Permission: dragonistan.spawn​
    • /d kill, /d k
    Kill your selected dragon
    Permission: dragonistan.kill​
    • /d select <id>, /d sel <id>
    Select a dragon by its id
    Permission: dragonistan.select​
    • /d teleport, /d tp
    Teleport yourself to your selected dragon
    Permission: dragonistan.teleport
    The permission for hatching an egg is "dragonistan.hatch"




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Recent Reviews

  1. Gustavo_Player
    Version: 1.4.1
    This is compatible with GriefPrevention? =/ How i disable break blocks?
    1. Hazae41
      Author's Response
      It is certainly compatible with GriefPrevention, check if your GirefPrevention config allows block destruction by enderdragons
  2. Jeffeston
    Version: 1.4
    Fantastic plugin for my RPG server! I would like it if my players would be able to control when the dragon breaths fire and have it damage mobs.
  3. KiritoHellWolf98
    Version: Beta 1.2.3
    i really like the plugin but is there a why to make it so they they use a command to hatching the egg because some players like just playing the egg down with out getting the dragon
    1. Hazae41
      Author's Response
      they can sneak to place the dragon egg
      but I'll add an option to disable the hatching
  4. Tau
    Version: Beta 1.0
    Hazae, Hazae, Hazae, it's saturday.
    Jokes aside, i have a few ideas for this plugin on my server, Good job!

    Also, I just took this review sections virginity ;)
    1. Hazae41
      Author's Response
      send me a private message for your ideas ;)
      anyway thanks for this review!