DragonRenamer 1.x

(Best Renamer Plugin)

  1. DragonBornGamer
    Version 1.x Released a little while back!!!

    • A Plugin That renames your items in hand!
    • No Config! Easy as just /dr (command)!
    • Rename Items!
    • Color Codes Suported!
    • Lores can be added!
    • Lores can be edited!
    • Lores can be removed!
    • Lores can be cleared!
    • Lores can be undone!
    • Magic Codes Work!
    • DragonRename.lore
    • DragonRename.name
    • DragonRename.admin
      • -> All perms in this one!
        • /dr rename [ItemName]
          [Renames a item!]
        • /dr alore [Lore] ect
          [Add a line of lore!]
        • /dr slore [#line] [New Lore]
          [Edit a line of lore!]
        • /dr rlore [#line]
          [Remove a line of lore!]
        • /dr ilore [#line] [lore]
          [Insert a lore to anywhere you'd like!]
        • /dr undo
          [undo up to 5 times!]
        • /dr clore
          [Clear all lores set to an item!]
      • Version 1.x
    • Addlore lines
    • Edit lore lines
    • Clear all lores
    • Undo command
    • Remove a chosen line of lore
    • Insert a line of lore anywhere you want
    • Rename Items!
    • Want to Join Us in Action?
      Contact Us here:
    • Yahoo: [email protected]
    • Gmail: [email protected]
    • Feel Free to help us out and Donate!

Recent Reviews

  1. CreepyPotato
    Version: 1.x
    This plugin still works amazingly in 1.9.2. No errors to report in console and all functions still work. Great work!
  2. JacobWG
    Version: 1.x
    Can't seem to get color codes working (it replaces the & with a ?), but otherwise great plugin!