DragonSlayer 0.9.4

The Dragon will rise again.... !! (and bring its brothers!)

  1. Jeppa
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    The Dragon will rise again from its ashes! Upon defeating the Mighty Dragon
    only one true hero will be able to call himself the Dragon Slayer !
    In his honor a statue will be erected !

    • Upon the defeating the dragon, the slayer will get the Dragon Slayer prefix in chat (Configurable)
    • An armorstand-statue can be placed anywhere. It will show who is the Dragonslayer! (PlaceholderAPI can be used for displayname)
    • Configurable Ender Dragon respawn time and location.
    • (also configurable portal location.. still experimental!)
    • Timer Dispays for next respawn (countdowns) can be disabled.
    • Respawntimers will continue after the server restarts.
    • Prevent the server from respawning or removing dragons by itself at server restart (or at world refresh).
    • Configurable Reward (requires vault)
    • Alternative Reward System available (based on damage made per player)
    • Executable server commands at dragon-kill and dragon-spawn (with percentage chance of execution)
    • Additional (player based) server commands at dragon-kill when Alternative Reward is used!
    • Multidragon support and multiple dragon names and values per world.
    • OneByOne-feature with multidragons (only one dragon spawns, selected at random)
    • Multiworld support and dragon settings per world.
    • Player prefix or suffix (Internal usage or by placeholders).
    • UltimateChat (Uchat), Legendchat and EssentialsChat support for prefix/suffix.
    • PlaceholderAPI (PAPI) support: chat, timers and scoreboard etc.
    • (HolographicDisplays can be used to display kill ranks or respawn timers and more...)
    • Healthbar support (MC 1.9+) (replacing original healthbar). Up to 4 bars...
    • Automatic healing of dragons (configurable).
    • Crackshot fix for healthbar in MC 1.9+
    • Old portal spawn behavior as in 1.8- for 1.9+ servers (configurable)
    • Automatic World Reset (configurable) or by command.
    • Automatic World Refresh by crystals (like the original dragon respawn)
    • Players may automaticaly respawn in overworld or in lobby after dragonkill (configurable)
    • Drop dragon eggs as blocks, or as items. (configurable)
    • Drop dragon skulls.
    • Configurable egg and skull drop chance.
    • Denial of players interacting with dragon eggs (blocks).
    • Denial of players placing endercrystals to respawn dragon by hand.
    • Endgateways are supported (creation or deactivation), even in 1.16!
    • Fix for the endgateways for MC-versions that have issues with this (1.9-1.13 and 1.16) Server will always use the next gateway after serverrestart instead of starting over at 1st again!
    • And even more...!
    An additional / alternative spawnsystem you can use is available here: DragonTimer !!

    How to install DragonSlayer
    1. Put the DragonSlayer.jar in your plugins folder
    2. Restart or reload the server
    3. Use the setspawn command to add a world to this plugin.
    4. Use the commands for settings and/or edit the config file (see Configuration)
    5. Use reload / restart the server again
    This plugin was originally a request by Crowley3000 for having prefixes by slaying a dragon.
    Until version 0.3.0 it was developed by mickverm.
    His old version can be found here: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/dragonslayer.8249

    Configuration (since v0.9.4)
    Code (Text):
      prefix: '&9[Dragon Slayer]&r ' #prefix the Dragon Slayer gets
      enabled: true #Enable the prefix: true/false
      assuffix: false #Use suffix instead of prefix: true/false (no function with UChat)
      force: false #if you have UChat or PAPI installed but don't want to use it for DragonSlayer set this to true
      slayer: Jeppa #saves the UUID of the Dragon Slayer
      blockgrief: false #is the dragon allowed to destroy non end blocks
      trydragonautofix: false #can be used to try spawning missing dragons on map enter
      bypassdragongateway: true #if set to true dragons will not enter the gateways (used as a bugfix..)
      teleportdragons: false #teleport the dragons to map center when entering the end
      darkness: true #darkness while in battle with the dragon?
      verbose: true  #switch verbosity of some textoutput
      armorstand_usepapi: false    #enable statue's name to use PlaceholderAPI
      armorstand_placeholder: '%player_displayname%'    #the PAPI-placeholder for the statue/armorstand (this is displayname)
      moveportal: false  #experimental feature...
        name: '&5Smaug&r' #default value
        damage: 10.0 #default value
        health: 200 #default value  (must be 0 - 2048 (2048 is value from spigot.yml))
        regen_seconds: 0  # how long it takes to automatically heal the dragon (0 = off)
        regen_amount: 10  # how much the dragon heals itself...
        range: 16 #default, follow range (experimental!)
        exp: 12000 #default value
        reward: 2500.0 #requires vault, gives the player a certain amount of money, this is default value
        eggchance: 0.3 #make sure to use numbers from 0 to 1 (0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, ... ,0.9 , 1) , this is default value
        eggasitem: false #drop the egg as an item, not as a block: true/false (default value)
        skullchance: 0.03 #chance for skull drop
        skullitem: false #skull drop enabled?
        portaleggchance: 1.0   #same as eggchance, but for the portal's egg itself
        cancelegg: false #turn off player interaction with eggs: true/false (default value)
        alternativereward: false #if the alternative reward system should be used
        respawndelay: 360 #in minutes, how long it should take for the dragon to respawn once it gets killed, this is default value. -1 for deactivation.
        maxdragons: 1 #maximal amount of dragons per world (this is the default)
        onebyone: false  #only spawn one dragon of the possible multidragons (randomly)
        oldportals: false #use old portal spawn behavior instead of portal at location 0/0 , this is default value
        denycrystalplace: false   #deny players from placing crystals at the portal
        creategateways: true #create end-gateways to 'endcity' or not, this is the default value.
        resetworld: false #reset the world after a delay when all dragons are gone, this is default value
        resetcrystal: false  #refresh the world after a delay when all dragons are gone, this is default value
        resetworlddelay: 300 #minutes, default value
        respawnplayers: false #if true players will be teleported after resetworlddelay
        nomcdragonrespawn: true#set to true will disable the servers internal dragonrespawn/dragonremove at server restart. So, this will disable the original portal from being spawned aswell...
        command: '{100}ping' #command at dragonkill, you can use $player, $dragon and $world here (separate multiple commands by ;), {100}=percentage
        spawncommand: ''  #command at dragonrespawn, you can use $player, $dragon and $world here (separate multiple commands by ;),you can use percentage here,too.
        respawncommand: '' #alternative command after dragonkill for player teleport etc.
        rankcommand_1: ''    #commands that get executed for the best player when the dragon got killed
        rankcommand_2: ''    #commands for 2nd placed fighter...
        timerfunc: 2  #what to display in timerdisplay/scoreboard: 1 seconds, 2 timercount, 0 nothing (completely disable scoreboard)
      respawn: '$dragon &4has risen from its ashes!'
      onkill: '&6$slayer &fkilled &4$dragon &rand became the new &9Dragon Slayer!'
      onrekill: '&9Dragon Slayer &6$slayer &fkilled &4$dragon &ronce again!'
      slayer: '&6$slayer &fis the one and only &9Dragon Slayer!'
      noslayer: 'There currently is no hero who can call himself the true &9Dragon Slayer!'
      reward: 'You received &6$reward coins &rfor killing &4$dragon'
      xpreward: 'You received &6$reward XP &rfor fighting &4$dragon'
      died: '&4The Dragon in world $world died. Maybe it was too old... or is was the'
      protect: 'dragons found protecting this world`s portal!'
      reset: 'Warning! The world $world may reset in less than one minute!!!'
      playerrespawn: 'Warning! Every player in world $world will respawn to world $baseworld in less than one minute!!!'
      timertext: 'Next Respawn in:' # 'Next Respawn: Days:$days, $hours:$minutes'
      timerline: '$days Days, $hours:$minutes:$seconds, #'
      notimer_ph: 'not yet'
      showtime: 'Next dragon spawn is: $world: $days days, $hours:$minutes:$seconds' #text for the showtimer command
      showtime_n: 'No spawn timer found for world $world !'    #text for the showtimer command
      scoreboard: '$player´s kills: $score'
      crystaldeny: '&4Placing crystals is not allowed!'
      world_the_end: # this is the spawn of world : 'world_the_end'
        x: 0
        y: 96
        z: 0

    More detailed Configuration Explanation and examples : Config WIKI

    Commands & Permissions (since v0.9.3)
    permission: dragonslayer.info (true by default !!!)

    Using Prefix and Placeholders for other plugins

    UltimateChat: {dragonslayer}
    add like this in UChat's config:
    format: '{playername}{dragonslayer}'

    Legendchat: {dragonslayer}
    add like this in Legendchat's config:
    default: '{color}[{nick}]{dragonslayer} {groupprefix}{prefix}{bprefix2}{bprefix}&f{sender}{bsuffix}{suffix}{groupsuffix}{color}: {msg}'

    EssentialsChat: {DRAGONSLAYER}
    add like this in Essentials' config:


    %dragonslayer_slayer% --> last slayer's name
    %dragonslayer_prefix% --> the prefix/suffix
    %dragonslayer_timer% --> remaining time to next respawn and world where it happens
    %dragonslayer_nexttime% --> remaining time to next respawn (d days, h:m:s)
    %dragonslayer_nexttimehms% --> remaining time to next respawn (h:m:s)
    %dragonslayer_nextmap% --> world for next respawn
    %dragonslayer_mykills% --> players amount of dragon kills
    %dragonslayer_place_n% (n=1,2...n) --> scoreboard rank!! (e.g. %dragonslayer_place_1% gives who is 1st place...)
    %dragonslayer_place_n_name% (n=1,2,3...)
    %dragonslayer_place_n_score% (n=1,2,3...)

    Reviews, Comments, Bugs, suggestions, ...
    Please leave your reviews, comments and idea's in the discussion.
    If you find a bug either PM me or use the discussion forum.
    If you would like to review this plugin, go ahead!

    This plugin was tested with versions 1.8 to 1.16.
    If you can confirm a version is working (or not) please let me know ;)

    If you are updating from an older version, the plugin updates your existing config. If you encounter any issues you may want to delete the config and let the plugin recreate a new one!

    Not all new features are availabe for versions older than 1.9 !

    This plugin will only do its job in worlds that are known to the plugin by setting up the spawnpoint!
    All worldnames in config must be lowercase. So, watch out, if you alter the configuration by hand ...

    When enabled, the automatic world reset will get triggered when:
    all dragons are killed, the timer timed out and the dragons still are killed (not respawned)!
    So, you can set up your server with respawning dragons, or with an end-world that will reset, or even both ;)

    Starting with version 0.4.2 this plugin supports the creation of the End-Gateways. With every dragon that gets killed there will spawn another gateway! (max. 20)
    This can be disabled in config (per world).
    When disabled this will also prevent the game itself from creating those gateways!

    With version 0.4.4 there is a new feature: the timers for dragonrespawn will be saved to a file and restarted from that point at serverrestart.
    You can have timers that count for days, weeks or months now ;), even if your server restarts every 24 hours...

    New feature in 0.4.6: Armorstands that represent the Dragonslayer !
    There can only be ONE armorstand (statue).
    It will have the Dragonslayers head and name and some armor!
    You can place it wherever you want. (any world, any place)

    New in 0.5.1: you can add a command that gets executed when a dragon is killed.
    You have to edit it manualy in the config. Defaultcommand is 'ping' ;)

    New in 0.5.2: Support for UChat! If you have UChat installed you have to edit it's config and add the {dragonslayer} tag where you want it to go.

    Version 0.5.3 fixes a small bug in UChat-handling and adds placeholders to the command (introduced in 0.5.1).

    Version 0.5.5 adds the possibility to turn off egg interaction .
    Egg settings are now configurable per world.
    Dragons in one world can have multiple names.
    F.e. if your max count for dragons is 4, you can set 4 names for your dragons:
    add name_1 to name_4 to your config :
    name: '&5EnderDragon&r'
    name_1: '&5Dragon Boss&r'
    name_2: '&5Second Dragon&r' ...
    If f.e. no name_3 or name_4 exits, the default value 'name' is used...
    The default value 'name' also is used for messages etc. ($dragon)

    Version 0.5.7 starts supporting 1.13...

    Version 0.5.8 adds support for PlaceholderAPI and fixes some minor bugs.
    To use the prefix with PAPI add the placeholder %dragonslayer_prefix% wherever you need it.

    Version 0.6.0 adds an update-checker and support for 1.13.1!

    With 0.6.1 EssentialsChat is supported. Add {DRAGONSLAYER} where you need it to show up.

    New in 0.6.3: Support for Legendchat! Add the {dragonslayer} tag where you want it to be displayed (Legendchat configurations).

    0.6.5 adds support for 1.14, adds new playerteleport feature and a new PlaceholderAPI-placeholder (%dragonslayer_timer%) for getting the remaining time to next dragon respawn.

    0.6.6 adds %dragonslayer_nexttime% and %dragonslayer_nextmap% for use with PlaceholderAPI.

    0.6.7 adds the ability to disable the respawn completely (this will be useful in the future with another plugin :))

    0.7.0 If you want to use the addon DragonTimer in one of your end-worlds, you should set respawndelay to -1 in DragonSlayers config for that world!

    0.7.1 adds new config var: nomcdragonrespawn for blocking minecrafts internal dragonrespawn at server restart!
    Added commands for changing config values.
    Added new permission: dragonslayer.admin.

    0.7.4 adds a bypass for an 'issue' with dragons getting teleported by endgateways: set 'bypassdragongateway' to 'true' to enable it.
    The commands can now be used in console aswell .
    Fixed missing command (getarmorstand)

    0.7.6 adds placeholders $player and $world to the 'command' feature and some fixes...

    0.7.7/8 fixed a lot internaly...

    0.7.9 added support for 1.15,
    added drop of the dragon head,
    added the ability to have multiple commands at dragon kill,
    added new command to remove dragons...

    New in 0.8.0: Alternative Reward-System!
    When 'alternativereward' is set to true, the experience and money you will get for killing a dragon will be splittet between all the remaining players in the end. (Only those that did damage to the dragon!)
    If a player (player A) does 80% of the damage and another player (player B) does 20% and kills the dragon:
    player A gets 80% of XP and money, Player B gets 20% XP and money ...
    A player who dies before the dragon was killed has bad luck and will get nothing!
    The drops (egg, head) will drop as usual... (if you want to make sure the killer gets a bonus, you can use the commands for that!)

    0.8.1 (internal only)
    World Refresh by resetting the crystals etc. (as an alternative to the full world-reset!)
    With this feature enabled portal stacking might happen again.
    This is done by Minecraft itself (worldgenerator), and depends on the version (spigot 1.13+)
    (it seems this only happens with old worlds ...)

    0.8.2 (internal only)
    Changes in Dragon-counting-logic... 'count' in config is not needed anymore!!

    0.8.3 (internal only)
    Added Timer Dispays....and 3 new config vars
    New config var 'timerfunc':
    0 = Timer Display deactivated for that world
    1 = value in the 2nd line shows the countdown's seconds
    2 = value in 2nd line shows the number of running respawn timers (default)
    New message texts 'timertext' and 'timerline':
    timertext is the first line, timerline is the 2nd.
    If 'timerline' is empty internal default values will be used...
    config defaults are as follows:
    timertext: 'Next Respawn in:'
    timerline: '$days Days, $hours:$minutes:$seconds, #'
    Both lines accept placeholders: $days, $hours, $minutes and $seconds!

    With the defaults it will display 2 lines with the countdown in the second line and the number of running timers for that world after the '#' .
    You can change this to your needs...
    timertext: 'Next Respawn: Days:$days, $hours:$minutes'
    timerline: 'Seconds:'
    with timerfunc set to '1' this will have the contdown in the first line and only the seconds in the second line...

    placeholder changes:
    %dragonslayer_timer% -> will return the next time for a dragon respawn in the world the players is in... (and that world's name)
    If the player is not in an end world (or in an end world without a respawn timer...), the placeholder gives the world and time for the first next spawn in all worlds...
    %dragonslayer_nexttime% returns the remaining time for next respawn in the player's world. Or the next spawn in any world if the player is not in an end-world or in an end world without a running timer...
    %dragonslayer_nextmap% always returns the world with the first next spawn...

    added possibility for multiple values for health, damage, experience and reward when multiple names are in use
    f.e.: A dragon with its name set in 'name' will have the default values as before...
    A dragon with its name set in 'name_1' or 'name_2'(etc) will have the health and damage set in 'health_1' and 'damage_1' or 'health_2' and 'damage_2' etc, if available...
    Same for experience and reward --> experience_1, reward_1.
    If a value is missing in config the default is used.
    You need to set this up by hand, if you want to use this MultiValues-Feature!
    Info: MultiValues is 'maxdragons'-dependent!

    changed the config for more readability...
    new PAPI-placeholder
    new routine for dragons not beeing teleported by gateways (paper only)
    a bunch of fixes...

    experimental new Config var 'range' --> changes the dragons follow range (default is 16 (not sure if this has any effect at all...))
    Maximum Health >2048 possible again, depending on the servers settings...(only for spigot based servers.. (Spigot, Paper etc.)

    split additional orbs (fix-orbs in 1.9+) the same way like original orbs, when 'world-settings.default.merge-radius.exp' is set to 0 in spigot.yml --> multiple orbs get dropped !
    Commands may have a percentage now! If a percentage is given like this: '{66}ping' -> the command 'ping' has a 66% chance of being executetd!! (Values are from 0 to 100, if no value is given it is 100%)
    If the dragon respawn timer and the world reset timer have the same values, the reset is not disabled anymore! This way you can use the dragons countdown as a world countdown now ;)
    New PlaceholderAPI placeholders:
    %dragonslayer_mykills% -> the players amount of dragon kills
    %dragonslayer_place_n% : Scoreboard! Where 'n' is the rank/position! f.e: %dragonslayer_place_1% ist 1st place, %dragonslayer_place_2% is 2nd place etc.
    You can use this to create a dragon-killer-scoreboard using HolographicDisplays/HolographicExtension !!

    Changed PAPI-placeholder %dragonslayer_place_n%: configurable scoreboard formatting... -> 'scoreboard' in DSL's config.yml! This has two placeholders $player and $score ...
    If you like to have separate PAPI placeholders instead, you can use %dragonslayer_place_n_name% and %dragonslayer_place_n_score% (n=1,2,3...)
    New command to reset the kill-scoreboard: 'scoreboardreset'
    Player respawn/teleport command ('respawncommand') can now have multiple commands, too... (gets executed if existing(not empty) and if respawnplayers is set to true, or when resetworld is true. See examples in config section...
    Commands containing placeholder $player are executed for every player who is in that end world...
    Commands without $player are only executed once (and before the $player-commands...)
    Portal creation 'bug' fix: after serverrestart or end-refresh, no original portal will be created and no portal-stacking anymore! (finaly!, no realy... finaly! (i hope ;)))
    Cleartimer command for removing ALL running timers...

    1.16 support added.
    PAPI placeholder %dragonslayer_slayer% added (shows the name of the last dragonslayer)
    Added protections for crystal-respawn/world-refresh ! -> spawn of a dragon can not accidently be prevented anymore (f.e. by destroying the crystals)
    rewrote the handling of endcity-gateways to improve behaviour, and to fix ugly 1.16 bug ! -or was it as a feature??-
    added configurable custom commands 'spawncommand' that get executed when a dragon spawns! (multiple commands can be seperated by ';' again... can have percentage possibility if needed...)

    added a fix for darkness while in fight with the dragon, can be switched on/off in config... (1.13+ servers)
    added new function and config vars for automatic healing of dragons
    small fix for a Paper-NAG-Message.
    massively improved chunk handling on 1.13.2+ servers!

    support for 1.16.2
    wordrefesh by command. -> respawns the crystalls and towers...
    showtimer command to display the next dragon spawn time!!

    Additional player-based commands, can be used if alternativereward is set to 'true' !
    This can be used for showing Kill-Ranks or for extra bonuses given to players or whatever you like... hey, it's commands ;)
    Text output from '/dragonslayer showtimer' configurable/translatable
    Fix for using PlaceholderAPI dev-builds...
    The egg spawning on the portal now also has a percentage chance
    Dragon heads are dropped now, even if it's the 'first' dragon after world refesh/reset
    New config var to prevent players from placing endercrystals on the portal
    Another new config setting for less verbosity (if set to false)
    Armorstand's name can now be customized by using PlaceholderAPI

    -Added the possibility of having one dragon, chosen randomly from the bunch of possible/added multidragons... (name_1, name_2 etc. in configuration...)
    (This feature always only spawns ONE dragon! Value maxdragons is NOT the maximum of dragons at the same time here, but the maximum of POSSIBLE dragons to be chosen from at random!)
    -change of nickname/displayname will also rename the armorstand if the Slayer is the one wo changes nick and if PAPI-placeholder is used for naming the Armorstand...(needs Essentials(X) being installed...)
    -Experimaltal feature added to move the portal and the dragons 'center' to the configured dragon spawn!
    -Having resetworld and respawnplayers both on 'true' will won't teleport the players back to the end after world was reset !

    Info: some of the values in the config are just defaults and will get copied to the world's settings, like "name" for the dragon's name.

    Info: try not to use the default world ("world_the_end" f.e.) as your end-world !
    You may not be able to use the world-reset-feature in that default world, because multiverse can't unload that map (this depends on the MV-version. Latest versions seem to be ok again).

    Known bugs...
    The Dragon behavior and respawn has changed in version 1.9+ !
    If you have multiple dragons in a world it can happen that dragons get lost (by a server restart f.e.). You can try to fix this by setting 'trydragonautofix' to true'. With latest versions, this should not be necessary anymore!
    Version 1.16 seems to be buggy with this again... dragons get lost by moving out of loaded chunks etc.

    If dragons are missing, you may want to do the respawn of missing dragons by command : /dragonslayer force.
    /dragonslayer force respawns all missing dragons compared to the number that already exist. It ignores the running timers.
    /dragonslayer forceall instantly starts a respawn on ALL worlds.

    In versions 1.9+ the xp-drop is devided into 2 drops (1st at kill-position, 2nd at death-piosition.) It's not possible to drop less than 12000 XP for the first dragon if this dragon was the vanilla one! (see nomcdragonrespawn ...)

    Armorstand's head sometimes shows a defaultskin, but this is a minecraft-bug and not the plugin!

    Plugin is not compatible with 1.12 anymore, but with1.12.2 as 1.12 is missing some of the new code... !

    More configuration informations 'bout all the features on main page... People seem to have problems setting up all of this ... ;)

    Sorry to say, but no begging for source code, please!

    Please do not post requests for support or report issues on the reviews section.
    Use the discussion instead! Thanks.



Recent Updates

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  2. 0.9.3 with more features...
  3. 1.16.2 and 2 new commands

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    But there is one prb (not sure, might am wrong).. I put every 3 days should the dragon relive again, but when it spawn for first time and we kill him, after 3 days it doesnt relive again automatically..

    PD: I recommend you to create a discord group to discuss easly ^^
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      Author's Response
      Please post your config in the discussion, let's see what's wrong...
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    Hello im have problem with Commands its wont work please help
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      1st: This is NOT the place to ask for help or to report bugs...!
      2nd: Why only 2 stars??? The issue can't be that big... anyway.. what IS the issue???
      3rd: IF you have any problems, please use the forum/discussion for any questions or bug reports...
      4th: would you mind removing THIS rewiev? Maybe i can help you in the discussion....
  5. laspi94
    Excellent plugin, nice for survivals server!! but i have a question how i can disable the timer in the end world?
    1. Jeppa
      Author's Response
      set timerfunc to 0 and the timer display is disabled...
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    Version: 0.9.1
    Awesome plugin! Can you create the same plugin for the wither? I will be very thankful for that.
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