DragonSlayer 0.3.0

The Dragon will rise again from it's ashes! Upon defeating the Mighty Dragon only one true hero will

  1. mickverm
    The Dragon will rise again from it's ashes! Upon defeating the Mighty Dragon only one true hero will be able to call himself the Dragon Slayer

    This plugin was originally a request by Crowley3000

    • Upon the defeating the dragon, the slayer will get the Dragon Slayer prefix in chat (Configurable)
    • Configurable Ender Dragon respawn time
    • Configurable Ender Dragon respawn location
    • Configurable Reward (requires vault)
    • And many more!
    How to install
    1. Put the DragonSlayer.jar in your plugins folder
    2. Restart or reload the server
    3. Edit the config file (see Configuration)
    4. Reload again
    Configuration (since v0.3.0)
    Code (Text):
      prefix: '&9[Dragon Slayer]&r ' #prefix the Dragon Slayer gets
      enabled: true #Enable the prefix: true/false
      name: '&5Smaug&r'
      damage: 10.0
      health: 200
      exp: 12000
      reward: 2500.0 #requires vault, gives the player a certain amount of money
      eggchance: 0.3 #make sure to use numbers from 0 to 1 (0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, ... ,0.9 , 1)
      createportal: false #should the dragon create a portal (once it has created one this will turn to false)
      blockgrief: false #is the dragon allowed to destroy non end blocks
      slain: false #automatically switches between true and false, set this to true if the dragon has been killed on your server already
      respawndelay: 360 #in minutes, how long it should take for the dragon to respawn once it gets killed
      slayer: mickverm #saves the UUID of the Dragon Slayer
      respawn: '$dragon &4has risen from its ashes!'
      onkill: '&6$slayer &fkilled &4$dragon &rand became the new &9Dragon Slayer!'
      onrekill: '&9Dragon Slayer &6$slayer &fkilled &4$dragon &ronce again!'
      slayer: '&6$slayer &fis the one and only &9Dragon Slayer!'
      noslayer: 'There currently is no hero who can call himself the true &9Dragon Slayer!'
      reward: 'You received &6$reward coins &rfor killing &4$dragon'
      world: 'world_the_end'
      x: 0
      y: 96
      z: 0

    Commands & Permissions (since v0.3.0)

    Reviews, Comments, Bugs, suggestions, ...
    Please leave your reviews, comments and idea's in the comments below. If you find a bug either PM me or send a Ticket
    If you would like to review this plugin, go ahead!

    This plugin uses MCStats to gather statistics. (Plugin Version, Server software, Server version, Java version, Amount of Players, Amount of Servers, ...)

    You can view these stats here.

    To disable the gathering of statistics for MCStats set opt-out to true in plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml). This disables all the statistics gathering for all plugins that use the default MCStats.

    This plugin automatically checks for updates. (But doesn't download them!) To disable this check set disable to true in plugins/Updater/config.yml This disables all the update checks for all plugins that use the default Updater.

    If you really like the plugin and would like to say a little thank you, feel free to donate.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Scorpion
    Version: 0.3.0
    Amazing plugin really love it easy to setup and to start it just spawn a dragon first time to activate it, however i would prefer suffix's then prefix's as im an owner i prefer [owner]scorpionvssub[dragonslayer] think it would be alot nicer

    So basicly adding an option either suffix or prefix(cannot be both setting both would automaticly make it a prefix) other then that its amazing works great :) 10/10

    #following option is to set suffix or prefix as [dragon slayer] cant be both, setting both true will automaticly set prefix every time.
    Prefix: True
    Suffix: False

    Slayer name: &6[Dragon Slayer] Keep itup certainly gonna use it!
  2. Badjiras
    Version: 0.3.0
    Why does my EnderDragon doesn't re-spawn ?
    Version: 0.3.0
    does what it says, can you add a command to respawn the dragon and a boarder for the dragon to go so its not leaving the main island?
    1. mickverm
      Author's Response
      There is a vanilla minecraft server command "/summon EnderDragon", but I can add a dragon summon command myself!
      and I'll see what I can do about the border. But I think it normally should fly far from the Island
      Minecraft wiki quote: target a random point (at least 10 blocks away from the dragon's current position) in a 120×120×50 cuboid centered on 0,95,0.
  4. slothencounters
    Version: 0.3.0
    Thanks for the fix! This plugin just got even better and it's FREE. The developer fixed my request in less than 24 hours!
    1. mickverm
      Author's Response
      It's the nice people like you guys with those nice reviews and good suggestions and help that really makes creating this plugin very fun :)
  5. slothencounters
    Version: v0.2.1
    AMAZING! for some reason, the prefix has this annoying space at the end of it which isn't configurable. other than that. PERFECT!
    1. mickverm
      Author's Response
      That's now fixed in v0.3.0 ;)
  6. gungin
    Version: v0.1
    it will not work on 1.8.3 will not even load.
    1. mickverm
      Author's Response
      Could you please tell me if v0.2.1 fixes it? :)

      - Mickverm