DragonsWelcome 2.0.3B

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  1. Name Change plus 1.14

    As of right now this is a snapshot build for 1.14 with some small changes. Right now the admin panel /wwl is bugged right now so don't use that till a fix for that is made. Playerinfo /playerinfo still works as far as i know but if a player is able to steal items please let us know via DM so that we can fix the issue, that issue is something we are fixing in the admin panel but nothing so for on that.

    Whats being worked on is the features that the plugin is suppose to provide as well, right now we have a test build of it but not for the public use as of right now due to to many bugs for the 1.14 version.

    Whats to come is a reload command for the Config file. It won't be easy since each config file part is in seperate events which may require a full recode of all events.

    Also the project was moved to a MAVEN project now so i'll be working on getting a proper github for it so developers will be able to help contribute to it for fixes and new features.

    I will also try to keep the plugin updated with newer minecraft versions as long as i know that they are stable builds.
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