DragonsWelcome 2.0.3B

Chat related, Admin Tools

  1. Removed and changes

    Removed Vault and vault gui items

    Changed version to 1.15.2

    Bugs that are still known from the dev side: Able to steal items from GUI still
  2. Name Change plus 1.14

    As of right now this is a snapshot build for 1.14 with some small changes. Right now the admin panel /wwl is bugged right now so don't use that till a fix for that is made. Playerinfo /playerinfo still works as far as i know but if a player is able to steal items please let us know via DM so that we can fix the issue, that issue is something we are fixing in the admin panel but nothing so for on that.

    Whats being worked on is the features that the plugin is suppose to provide as well, right...
  3. 1.13 update

    Hi everyone this version is only for 1.13.* as a dev build aka Alpha.
    I will try to add the features that are in the plugin that haven't been implemented yet!
    Bungeecord support will be added soon!
  4. Version Updates

    Updated to versions 1.11 1.11.2 1.12

    Versions skipped 1.10.2 1.10 1.9 due to some issues

    French version of the config will be coming soon still :)

    I am also proud to announce that i'll be maintaining the plugin for while for Version updates in tell we get contributors to contribute add ons for the plugin that links to this plugin :)

    Also when the player is muted it will show muted with they're name but no text for the time being!
  5. Major Bug fix

    I have fixed the major bugs that where their and now most things will be added when they can. Color codes are now supported in the config!. and Vault coding was changed in the plugin files so now it is required to have the latest version of vault! is now Supporting Spigot
  6. Few Bug Fixed

    Some of the Bugs that Where not added to the list have been Fixed automatically due to an email/private message

    All Bugs have been Fixed thanks to me having time to do it and only took me 15 minutes to fix them all with vault. any Version of vault can be use as long as its not past 1.7.10 if its past 1.7.10 then the plugin will not enable

    !Working on the Admin Gui Still with Playerinfo and the Death Count

    Warning if your using PermissionsEX please give the groups Permission, if not do so the plugin will crash this issue will be fixed soon don't know when but soon
  8. A Few Bug Fixed some not yet fixed

    + = New - = Removed /\ = fixed X = Terminated and wont be re-added in the future ! = Working on Bug/Glitch

    /\ Fixed a lag issue.
    ! Working on the Vault Issue so that it will hook to the Latest Version
    ! Working on the Admin Menu with the muting, online and offline player heads shown.
    ! Working on the Player Info Menu
    - ! Working on removing the Death count in the player info menu