DragonTimer 1.4.8

Addon for DragonSlayer or Standalone

  1. Jeppa
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    The Dragon will rise when it's time has come ...!

    This plugin is meant to be an addon to Dragon Slayer ! but can also be used standalone!
    Dragons are only spawned in a world when there are enough players in that world at the right time!
    If there are less players than necessary, it's possible to remove the existing dragons!

    • Can be used as an Addon for DragonSlayer or as standalone!
    • Configurable Ender Dragon respawn time (fixed times)
    • Configurable Ender Dragon respawn location
    • OneByOne feature that only spawn one dragon each spawntime
    • Configurable minimum players needed for a respawn to happen.
    • You can define a timelimit for the dragonfight.
    • Respawn Timer Display.
    • Executable server commands at dragonkill.
    • Preventing Dragons from guarding the portal at 0/0.
    • Multidragon support.
    • Multiworld support and Dragon settings per world.
    • Placeholders for PlaceholderAPI (2.10.7++!)
    • Plugin can remove the dragon(s) if there are not enough players
    • Configurable health (only in standalone mode)
    • Configurable dragon name and multiple names (only in standalone mode)
    • Healthbar support for MC 1.9+ (replacing original healthbar if there is more than one dragon). (only in standalone mode)
    • Crackshot support for fixing healthbar in MC 1.9+ (only in standalone mode)
    • And even more...!
    How to install
    1. Put the DragonTimer.jar in your plugins folder
    2. Start the server
    3. Use the setspawn command to add a world to the plugin.
    4. Use the commands and/or edit the config file (see Configuration)
    5. Restart the server or use reload command.

    Code (Text):
      _default: #default values
        name: '&5Smaug&r'
        maxdragons: 1 #max amount of dragons per world
        minplayers: 1 #minimum players needed for a respawn
        health: 200 #the dragons health (standalone only)
        removedragons: false #remove the dragons if less than 'minplayers' ?
        timelimit: 0 #minutes for dragonbattle duration, 0 to disable
        removedelay: 3 #minutes until dragons are removed, after a warning has been displayed (used for timelimit and for removedragons)
        command: 'ping' #default command at dragonkill (standalone only) you can use $player and $world here, multiple commands possible (separated by ';')
        noguarding: false #if set to true dragons will not fly to 0/0 anymore
        spawntimes: '12:00,13:00,14:00,15:00'
        onebyone: false  #if only one dragon should be spawned each time
        timerdisplay: true #enable/disable the countdown display
        darkness: true #enable/disable darkness while in battle (standalone only, 1.13+ only)

      notenoughplayers: 'There are not enough players on map $world to spawn dragons! There should be at least $minplayers players!'
      dragonstospawn: 'There is a dragonrespawn ongoing! It will spawn $amount new dragons in world $world!'
      dragonsremwarn: 'Dragons in world $world may be removed in $removedelay minutes because of too few players!'
      dragonsremoved: 'Dragons in world $world have been removed because of too few players!'
      timelimitwarn: 'Hurry up! Dragons in world $world may be removed in $removedelay minutes! Battletime is almost over!'
      timelimit: 'Dragons in world $world have been removed! You did not finish the fight!'
      timertext: 'Respawn in:'
      timerline: '$hours : $minutes :'

      world_the_end: # this is the spawn of world : 'world_the_end'
        x: 0
        y: 96
        z: 0

    Commands & Permissions
    Code (Text):
    dragontimer.admin: permission for changing settings
    dragontimer.info: permission for getting infos
    dragontimer.forcerespawn: permission for casting the respawn by hand

    All commands start with /dragontimer, /dtimer or /dti
    getspawn [worldname] shows the dragons spawnpoint
    gettime [worldname] shows the list of possible spawntimes

    setspawn [x y z [world]] sets the spawn and enables that world for this plugin
    remspawn [world] removes that world from the list...
    addtime hh:mm [world] adds a time to the spawn times for that world (24h format!)
    remtime hh:mm [world] removes the given time from that list...

    minplayers ['amount' [world]] sets the minimum number of players needed to have a spawn happen or displays the actual setting
    maxdragons ['amount' [world]] sets the number of dragons that will spawn in given world or displays the actual setting
    health ['amount' [world]] sets the dragons health or displays the actual setting (only in standalone mode, if DragonSlayer is used health is controllen by DragonSlayer!)
    removedragons ['false' or 'true'] will set if the existing dragons should be removed when to few players are in the end. Or displays the actual setting
    removedelay ['amount' [world]] sets or displays ceasetime for the dragon remove...
    timelimit ['amount' [world]] sets the minutes how long a dragon battle should take maximum. '0' disables this featue.

    reload reloads the plugins config!
    forceallrespawn will start the respawn right now!


    %dragontimer_nexttime% --> displays the next spawntime for all worlds
    %dragontimer_nextmap% --> world for next respawn
    %dragontimer_countdown% --> displays the next spawntime for all worlds as a countdown.
    %dragontimer_playersnexttime% --> displays the next available spawntime for the world the player is in.
    %dragontimer_playerscountdown% --> displays the next spawntime for the world the player is in as a countdown.

    Reviews, Comments, Bugs, suggestions, ...
    Please leave your reviews, comments and ideas in the discussion.
    If you find a bug either PM me or use the discussion forum.
    If you would like to review this plugin, go ahead!

    This plugin was tested with versions 1.9 to 1.16.
    It should also work with 1.8, but i did not test this, yet.
    As an add-on to DragonSlayer there seem to be no issues with 1.8!
    If you can confirm a version is working (or not) please let me know ;)

    This plugin will only do its job in worlds that are known to the plugin by setting up the spawnpoint.!
    All worldnames in config must be lowercase. So, watch out, if you alter the configuration by hand ...

    Some of the settings in config file are not doing anything when this plugin is used as an addon to DragonSlayer! (health, name)
    If you want to use it together with DragonSlayer you have to edit the DragonSlayer config:
    Set respawndelay to -1 !
    This can be done in mixed mode, too!
    You can have one world using DragonSlayer's respawn, the other world having DragonTimer's respawn!

    Plugin is not compatible with 1.12 but 1.12.2 as 1.12 is missing some of the new code... !

    Please do not post requests for support or report issues on the reviews section.
    Use the discussion instead! Thanks.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Spegot
    Version: 1.4.4
    Excellent plugin! Really helpful for my server (I want to keep it as vanilla a possible but my players wanted a new challenge). I'm on 1.8.8, everything works just fine!
  2. Destroyer851
    Version: 1.1
    Works great, i had issues but the creator helped me. Currently waiting for the update to be able to set minplayers 0 :)