DragonTimer 1.4.3

Addon for DragonSlayer or Standalone

  1. Spawn-Timers and OneByOne !

    1.4.2 (internal)
    - add TimerDisplays (Countdown)
    - made the timers count more precisely (spawns at the exact second...)
    - improved the code a lot...
    - added OneByOne feature (spawn only one dragon at spawntime, even if more are missing)
    - all config vars can now be changed by command ...
    - fixed MultiNames (in standalone mode)
    - automatic sorting of spawntimes in config...
  2. 1.15 support etc.

    - 1.15 Support
    - multiple commands at dragonkill possible (separated by ';')
    - In 'command' the mapname is displayed correctly now...
    - in 'command' dragonname ($dragon) is the real used name (if more than one name is in use)...
  3. No dragon guard

    - New config var: noguarding. If set to true the dragons will not fly to the portal guarding it anymore.
    - fixed two glitches with the spawntimes when only one timer is defined (p.s. if edited by hand and there is only one spawntime in config ... you must use brackets '' !!!
    - internal improvement for versioncheck...
  4. Fix for command feature

    You can use $player and $world as placeholders in command-feature now!
    And fix for some /dti commands (addtime, getnexttime).
  5. DragonTimer 1.2

    - If minplayers is set to 0, spawn even works without a player...
    timelimit runs without a player,too.

    - small fix with default values.

    - commands by console!

    - small respawn fix for standallone mode.
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  6. PlaceholderAPI and Timilimit Update

    This update adds support for PlaceholderAPI:
    %dragontimer_nexttime% and %dragontimer_nextmap% display the next spawntime and the world in which the spawn takes place.
    %dragontimer_playersnexttime% displays the next available spawntime for the world the player is in.

    New command to query next spawntime for a world: /dragontimer getnexttime [world]
    New feature: timelimit for the dragonbattle !
    Fixed a bug for Multiworld support.
  7. First release

    First release