Dream Minecraft Manhunt (with optional Discord music integration)

Minecraft Manhunt minigame with compass tracking and Discord integration!

  1. yoonicorn
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Made by Eric (yoonicode.com)
    Github: yummypasta
    Minecraft: i18n

    Inspired by Dream on YouTube
    This plugin is open source! View on GitHub

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    How It Works
    Three teams: Hunters, Runners, and Spectators Hunters try to kill the runners before they beat the enderdragon. Runners must beat the enderdragon before they get killed once!

    • Compass tracking: Right-click with your compass to choose who to track, then the compass will point to that runner!
    • Portal tracking: If a runner is in the nether, the compass will track their last-used portal!
    • Teams assignment: Automatically assigns in-game /team to distinguish between players with colors!
    • Discord integration: Optionally integrate with Discord for extra features!
      • Auto role assignment: Automatically assign Discord roles according to teams
      • Music player: Automatically (or manually) play music in your Discord voice channel that mirrors the action happening!
    Instructions For Use
    • Move the .jar to your plugins folder.
    • Make sure your config file is up to date and has all the required options (read below for more info).
    • Assign roles with /speedrunner, /hunter, and /spectator.
    • If you want automatic music, type /music auto now.
    • Type /start!
    • After the headstart period is over, hunters should be able to start tracking runners by selecting someone to track by right-clicking with their compass.
    Note: teams are not persistent between server sessions— if you shut down the server you'll have to re-assign teams and type /start again.

    Discord Setup Instructions
    • Create a Discord app from the Developer Portal.
    • Add a Bot under the bots tab.
    • Take note of your Client ID (in the General Information tab) and your Token (under the Bot tab).
    • Go to the following link, replacing 123YourClientID456 with your client ID: https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?scope=bot&client_id=123YourClientID456&permissions=8
    • Select the Discord server to add your bot to.
    • Add your Client ID and Token to the respective fields in the config file.
    • Go to your Discord server, and add the following values to the config file, in accordance with the table above (you can Right Click > Copy ID if you turn on Developer Mode in Discord settings!)
      • the ID of your server
      • the ID of the voice channel you want your music to play in
      • the ID of the hunter, runner, and spectator Discord roles you want to be automatically assigned
    Note: For auto-role-assignment to work, each Discord user's nickname for your Server must be set to their Minecraft username.


    • /speedrunner <username>: Assign speedrunner role
    • /hunter <username>: Assign hunter role
    • /spectator <username>: Assign spectator role
    • /start: Start the match
    • /end: End the match
    • /compass: Give yourself a compass
    • /music: Controls the Discord music
      • /music list: Gets a list of available tracks to play.
      • /music <trackname>: Plays a specific track by nickname and turns off auto-music.
      • /music stop: Stops all music playing and turns off auto-music.
      • /music auto: Turns on auto-music, which plays different tracks based on game events and hunter/runner distance.
      • /music forceupdate: Forces the music to update to match the current hunter/runner distance. Use /music stop first if a special event track is playing.
    • /setheadstart: Sets the headstart duration, in seconds.

    Configuration Options

    Edit the plugins/MinecraftManhunt/config.yml file with the following options:
    Screen Shot 2020-11-08 at 7.23.48 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2020-11-08 at 7.23.54 PM.png


    • online-mode in server.properties must be set to true as of version 1.2.4.
    • If you are using Discord integration, make sure your server's system clock is set correctly.
    • Check the FAQ Issues page, or report a problem on the Issues tab!

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    Version: 1.3.2
    It's very strange to see a plugin that has so many downloads and no reviews. Functional, beautiful, convenient, good luck in development.
    1. yoonicorn
      Author's Response
      Thank you, glad you enjoyed the plugin!