Dream Minecraft Manhunt (with optional Discord music integration) 1.4

Minecraft Manhunt minigame with compass tracking and Discord integration!

  1. Version 1.4

    Version 1.4 contains many new features. Thanks @Permanently!

    • clearRunnerInvOnStart, clearHunterInvOnStart options to clear player inventories
    • clearItemDropsOnStart option to kill dropped entities on start
    • setTimeToZero option to reset in-game time on start
    • startGameByHit option to start the game when a hunter is hit by a runner
    • Options to set a world border before the game is start to prevent...
  2. Version

    • Added more music tracks: preparing-safe2, orchestral, tense2, conflict, fighting-upbeat
    • Hunters don't drop compass on death (fixes #31)
    • Don't allow speedrunners to use compass (fixes #37)
    • Make all compasses glow regardless of dimension (fixes #39)
    • ...
  3. Version

    • Add support for offline mode (#13)
  4. Version

    • Fix timesup and preparing-danger track URLs (#26)
    • Give hunters mining fatigue during headstart period (#24, #25) — Thanks @Permanently!
    • Fix optional usage data reporting
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  5. Version 1.3.3

    New music tracks and more special music events added!

    • 15 new music tracks have been added
    • Pirates track no longer repeatedly played; only plays after a 5 minute cooldown (#21)
    • New music events
      • upbeat-bite plays when the hunters craft iron armor for the first time (#22)
      • montage plays when runners barter with piglins...
  6. Version 1.3.2

    • Put runners in spectator mode when they respawn (#17)
    • Only give hunters compass on respawn after the game has started (#18)
    • Fixed: danger level for automatic music is thrown off by players not in survival mode
    • Fixed: clicking any inventory would flood chat for players not on a manhunt team...
  7. Version 1.3.1

    • Automatic music only plays after game starts (#16)
  8. Version 1.3

    Quality of life improvements

    • Give hunters compasses on respawn (#15)
    • Option to disable Discord role assignment (#14)
    • Added /setheadstart command to quickly change headstart in config (#15)
    • Added optional anonymous usage data reporting
    • Add option to turn off music...
  9. Version

    • Fix bug that caused chat messages to be spammed to OPs
  10. Version 1.2.4

    • This version fixes a critical error where music would no longer play. This was due to a change in Youtube's API. Music will not work for versions 1.2.3 and below.
    • Only let current players click the compass