Dream's ManHunt 1.2.2

If you want to play ManHunt (from Dream's videos) with your friends, then this is your plugin #1!

  1. SkyExit
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Do you want to play Dream's ManHunt with your friends?
    1. Download the plugin and put it into your plugins-folder
    2. Start the server
    3. Invite the friends, you want to play with
    4. The person, you want to hunt, types */bedream*
    5. every other person types */compass*
    6. If there are more than two hunters, I recommend you to apply a handy-cap to the hunters. The hunters can type */togglehelmet enable|disable* to block the first Armor slot.
    7. If they want, they can change the applyed Head
    8. Type */togglemask enable|disable* to change the applyed Head
    9. if everythig is set up, type */timer start*
    10. If "Dream" got killed, type */timer stop* and */nightmare*
    11. If a hunter dies, he needs to type */compass* again

    • A compass will track the position and dimension of "Dream"
    • A Bossbar that shows when the compass will track "Dream" again
    • A predator-head with or without his bio mask for the hunters