Dreams ultimate tag 1.0.24 Beta

Ultimate tag minigame that Dream has played with GeorgeNotFound

  1. leorule
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Leo, Luka
    Simple yet super fun to play mini game that is played by popular youtuber Dream so all credits for great game idea goes to him!



    When started game finds ideal location and make 140x140 block arena (arena is closed by worldborder). Randomly spawns both players in the arena, and gives them sword, pickaxe, axe and 16 cobblestone blocks, also hunter gets compass that is showing location of other player.

    Round lasts for 2 minutes if hunter manages to hunt and to tag other player he will be awarded with a point, else if two minutes pass other player gets the point.

    After round ends you can restart game and it will automatically switch roles!


    /ultimatetag <player 1> <player 2>:
    • Starts game
    • Player 1 - server name of player who is hunting
    • Player 2 - server name of player who is escaping
    /ultimatetag restart
    • Restarts game switching player roles!

    How to install
    Simply download .jar file provided here, and place it into your spigot server plugins folder, then start/restart your server!

    If you want to support us in creating more minigames and plugins or you want to see how this plugin is made with detailed step by step instructions go and support us on patreon! (https://www.patreon.com/leorule) (video will be there soon)