Drills Version 3.1

A new, fun, and industrial way to mine blocks

  1. XSilver_FalconX


    Drills is a plugin that brings a whole new idea to how we mine. Drills allows you to make your own drill that mines blocks directly under the drill and adds those blocks/ores to your inventory. Drills has an easy setup which enables users to create a drill very simply, as it's hard to find diamonds etc. with the drill. Players can use the drill parts over and over again in a new way instead of mining in caves. See "Starting the Drill" to find out how to make one.


    The player only needs one node for creating the drill which is:

    - drills.use

    Starting the Drill

    As stated before, the drills are very easy and simple to create.

    Items needed:

    • 2 Iron Blocks
    • 1 Cobblestone Wall
    • 1 Redstone Torch
    If you are using furnaces:
    • 1 Furnace
    • Fuel types, specified in config
    Place Fuel Types in Fuel Slot when ready

    After you have your drill looking like the video, you can right click the fence to start!

    Stopping the Drill

    To stop your drill you can do the following options:

    • Left click on the fence of your drill
    • Leave the Game
    • Break Any of the drill parts, including the Drill's bit
    How it works

    • Drills mines 1 Block every 1 Second (default) But, it can be customized to any speed.
    • After Breaking 1 block you'll get an information message based on what you mined. If it's in the 'Minables' list (in the Config) you are then given that block or pieces of that block when it was broken
    • Otherwise, if it is on the 'UnMinables' list, the block will be broken and replaced with a drill bit but no block nor pieces will be given to the player.
    • Finally, if the block is not on the 'Minables' or 'UnMinables' list the drill will stop and display what block it could not break.
    • After a successful breakage of a block the drill will replace that block with the drill bit; either if it was minable or unminable.
    • Drill will be quiet if set to "quiet-mode" in the config and more options below in "Config Editing"
    For furnaces
    • If you have furnaces enabled in the config, you can place a furnace on either side of the drill on top of the Iron blocks
    • If they are enabled they will be required otherwise the drill will not run
    • The drill will burn one piece of fuel every X minutes set in the config //(defaultly 1)//

    Config Editing

    Edit however you'd like to the following features
    • * WarmUp time (Before the drill starts)
    • * Minable Blocks (Ones that give you the block / block pieces)
    • * UnMinable Blocks (Ones that do not give you the block but are still mined)
    • Replacement Material (When cleaning up)
    • Speed
    • Logging
    • EXP adding on whatever blocks you'd like
    • Quiet mode
    • Furnace editing and toggling
    Config to look at here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/drills/pages/config-yml/


    Installation of Drills is very simple just follow these few steps:
    1. Download the latest version (Choose WorldGuard or regular)
    2. Drag and drop to your plugins folder
    3. Start, reload, or restart to create files
    • Edit plugins/drills/config.yml to your liking (Optional)
    • Save edits by restarting/reloading
    • Enjoy :)

    Currently with no dependencies

    * If you download the WorldGuard version you need the latest version of WorldGuard Found here: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/worldguard/

    * If you did not download the WorldGuard version there are no dependencies

    The difference is that if you have the WorldGuard version the drill will stop mining when it reaches a WorldGuard claimed block.

    AntiGrief/Anti Troll Measures

    • As soon as a player leaves the drill stops itself and replaces all drill bits with the Replacement Material //(Regularly Dirt)//
    • Once a drill stops it will clean itself by removing all drill bits and replacing them with the Replacement Material.
    • Whenever a player attempts to exploit the drill by getting drill bits, it will shut down and tell the user there is a break in the drill bits.
    • A warmup timer adds to any possible grief measure.
    • Only one drill can be made at a time per player.
    • The drill will stop when hitting a WorldGuard region. //(With the WorldGuard Version)//
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  1. Updated to 1.11

Recent Reviews

  1. nobodypromi
    Version: Version 3.1
    A pretty nice plugin, but a question and some ideas: :)
    - 2-3Drills at one time
    - chest at the drill to fill in the recources
    - different types of drills, that u can reach and build(drill1 can mine only stone, dig2 can dig stone and ores... etc)

    But for the rest it's amazig! :)
  2. Baamoink
    Version: 3.0
    For a first version of this release, this is a pretty amazing plug-in! Looking forward to seeing where you go with this on future updates.
    1. XSilver_FalconX
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the first review! Any ideas on what to add next please feel free to PM me