DropProtect 0.3

Protects your armor and hotbar from dropping on death

  1. pavben

    Verified compatible with Spigot 1.7.2

    Don't want your players losing their entire inventory on death? DropProtect protects your equipment and hotbar slots, while allowing the inner inventory to drop as normal. As of version v0.2, you may configure it to reduce the number of protected hotbar slots or add additional protected inner inventory slots to suit your server.
    Personally, I find the default of 9 (all armor + 9 hotbar slots) to be the sweet spot between losing it all and having no penalty on death. Still penalize them for dying, but don't make them rage if they get a lag spike and fall into lava with their enchanted diamond set.

    Example (with the default setting of 9 protected slots)

    Inventory before and after death. The purple highlight (in this image only) indicates protected slots:


    And here's what we've left behind:


    Source Code

    DropProtect is open-source. You can view the source code on GitHub!

    Simple Drop-in Installation

    Place the DropProtect.jar file into your /server/plugins folder. Start the server.
    Run /dropprotect to make sure it's installed correctly.

    /dropprotect will display which slots are protected. It looks like:



    After running the server once with DropProtect installed, the config file/server/plugins/DropProtect/config.yml will be created.
    You may change the protected-slots setting to your liking. There are some examples inside the file. You can run /reload or restart the server to apply the config change.

    Compatibility with other plugins

    DropProtect accesses the player's inventory on death and respawn events. If your server has other plugins that do the same, make sure to use DropProtect v0.3 as it has been fully redesigned to be as compatible as possible with other plugins.
    • Verified to be fully compatible with MobArena v0.95.5

    None. DropProtect will be enabled for all players in Survival mode.

    Issues and Bug Reports

    You can open a new issue on GitHub.


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  1. dlav
    Version: 0.3
    This works as expected for 1.12! Would be nice if the off hand could get protection too! Other than that! AWESOME!
  2. realmpixel
    Version: 0.3