DropVote 1.1

Awesome Drop Parties upon reaching votes!

  1. ssscrazy
    Drop Vote:

    Drop Vote is a lightweight fun plugin that allows for completely customizable drop parties to be held on your Minecraft server. These drop parties are held when your server receives a configurable number of votes through votifier. The plugin will notify all players and then the drop party will begin. The plugin features an in game editor with a GUI to edit the drops for a drop party and an easy to use configuration file.

    Command: /dv
    • Description: Displays the help page for the plugin dropvote
    • Permissions: dropvote.admin
    Command: /dv editdrops
    • Description: Allows you to edit the drops spawned during a drop party
    • Permissions: dropvote.admin
    Command: /dv forcedrop
    • Description: Forces a drop party regardless of the current vote count
    • Permissions: dropvote.admin
    Code (Text):

      notice_time: 30
      drop_length: 10
      drop_at: 300
        x: 0
        y: 10
        z: 0
        world: world
        tag: '[DropParty]'
        starting: starting in %node%
        drop: DROP PARTY STARTED :P
        end: awww its over ;c
        vote: '%node% Voted, there are now %current_count%/%drop_at% votes (%remain% to go)'
        vote_hit: '%node% Voted, we now have %current_count% Votes! Starting Drop Party!'

    Additional Information:

    This plugin was coded by the fabulous sucer123 (JessieP) and he gave me permission to post it for you all to use. The plugin requires votifier installed onto your server in order to function properly.

    Thank you for trying DropVote!

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