Drug Craft/Prison Server Shops GUI Version 1.1 Chances and Money prizes!!!! 1.1

Drug Craft server shop GUI

  1. Norrd
    Drug Craft Shops GUI (Highs and Chances Coming Soon)
    • A Main Inventory GUI
    • A Buy Inventory GUI
    • A Sell Inventory GUI
    • A High Inventory GUI
    • Customize item locations in the inventories
    • Customize item names
    • Drugs buy where you can win money or have potion effects added
    To use Drug Craft Shops GUI you will need to have Vault.
    Commands and Permissions:
    • /drugs (No permissions)
    • /drugs help (No permisssions)
    • /drugs shop (No permissions)
    • /drugs reload (drugs.reload or drugs.*)
    How to load:
    1. Download Drug Craft Shops GUI .jar file
    2. Upload the .jar file to the /plugins folder on your server
    3. Make sure you have vault installed and loaded on your server
    4. Restart your server or if you are using plugman do /plugman load (.jar file name)
    5. It should now work! If not either leave a comment or add me on skype and tell me the error! My skype is Norrd007
    Future Updates
    • Add more Items to the buy and sell sections
    • Add lores to all items so that you can add the lore

Recent Reviews

  1. cardos
    Version: 1.1
    The plugins seems to work, but the only feature i get when i type drug is /drugs and nothing else. so pretty much atm is does nothing