Drugs 1.1.0

An ultimate configurable drugs plugin

  1. Lyphiard
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    Please note that this plugin is still in development. A lot of new features are constantly being added.

    This drug plugin allows you to create your own user-friendly drugs. Unlike many other plugins, you may even define crafting recipes for specific drugs!

    • Download Drugs.jar
    • Drag and drop it into your plugins folder
    • Restart

    • drugs.use.<drug name> - Allows a player to use that drug
    • drugs.craft.<drug name> - Allows a player to craft that drug
    • drugs.admin - Allows you to use /drugs

    • /drugs - Display the version and author of this plugin
    • /drugs reload - Reload the configuration

    Code (Text):

    #A full list of effects can be found at: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/bukkit/org/bukkit/potion/PotionEffectType.html#SPEED
    #Please note that this plugin is still under heavy development! This means the configuration will probably change extremely often!

    config-version: 3 #Do not change this!
    check-config: true #Should the plugin check the config every time it loads/reloads? Recommended to be enabled after major config changes
    force-sneak: true #Do players have to sneak (Hold shift) while using drugs?
    allow-recraft: false #Should the players be allowed to use drugs to make drugs? Recommended to be kept at false unless you know what your doing!
    allow-milk: true #Should players be allowed to drink milk while they are high?

      #Example of a shapeless recipe
        displayname: '&eCocaine' #The name of the drug that users will see
        item: '353' #Item ID of the drug in-game
        craftable: true #Either true or false
          type: shapeless #Either 'shaped', 'shapeless' or 'smelted'
          - '1,353' #A list in the format of <amount>,<itemid>
          yield: 1 #How much should crafting output?
        usage-message: '&cYou just took some Cocaine!' #Tell the user that they just took some cocaine
          - 'SPEED,30,3' #Give the users 30 seconds of speed III
          - 'JUMP,30,1' #Format: <type>,<time>,<level>
        cooldown: 30 #The number of seconds the user has to wait before they take the drug again. Set to 0 to disable.
        cooldown-message: "&eYou're too high to take cocaine!"
      #Example of a shaped recipe
        displayname: '&eWeed'
        item: '351:10'
        craftable: true
          type: shaped
          #Use single-chars to represent an item. Use space for nothing/air
          - ' f ' #Here, we would need: <AIR>   <FLOWER>   <AIR>
          - 'fwf' #                   <FLOWER>    <DYE>   <FLOWER>
          - ' f ' #                     <AIR>   <FLOWER>   <AIR> to make some weed
            f: '37' #In the format of placeholder: <itemid>:<itemdata>, or just <itemid>
            w: '351:10' #Placeholders are from 'shape'
          yield: 1
        usage-message: '&cUou just took some weed!'
          - 'SLOW_DIGGING,30,1'
          - 'CONFUSION,30,1'
        cooldown: 30
        cooldown-message: "&eYou're too high to take weed!"
      #Example of a smelted drug
        displayname: '&eMeth'
        item: '406'
        craftable: true
          type: smelted
          ingredient: '406' #What goes in the furnace? In the form of <itemid>:<itemdata> or <itemid>.
          yield: 1
        usage-message: '&cYou just took some meth!'
          - 'FAST_DIGGING,30,2'
          - 'CONFUSION,30,1'
        cooldown: 30
        cooldown-message: "&eYou're too high to take meth!"
    • Add a drug shop

    ====Source Code====
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  1. DecodePrison
    Version: 1.1.0
    Wonderful plugin! Please keep it updated. Some more features like addiction, slurring etc would be cool.
  2. CarmineKing
    Version: 1.1.0-b9
    Bruh the download link is fucked up DX I really wanted a plugin that allows custom drug crafting, and no others do that! I will re-rate 5 stars if you respond with the new link or email me the ,jar ;-; I suggest mediafire or google. If you set up a gmail you can have a lnk that leads to the file so you can embed it into the 'download' button. PLEASE FIX! :(
  3. SeqSEE
    Version: 1.1.0-b9
    Great plugin, easy to configure. Would be awesome to somehow integrate the /recipe command from Essentials(or Spigot?? I'm a noob) with this. Either way after testing many drugs plugins this was definitely the right one for my server :)
  4. stormjez
    Version: 1.0.0
    Working great for me. I was looking for a customizable drugs plugin, and this is what I was looking for.
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    Version: 1.0.0
    Looks nice. Maybe add speech slurs?