Drugs 1.1

A whole new drug experience for prison servers!

  1. DonkeyTeeth2013
    Ever wanted drugs for your prison server, but couldn't find any useful plugins or had many limitations?
    This drug is perfect for your needs!

    • List of default drugs
    • Configuration options to create virtually unlimited drugs!
    • Sign support to sell your drugs
    • Vault support
    • Drug permission support
    • Drug cost support
    • Overdose support


    Code (Text):

    ### Drugs default config ###

    #Enable this to load the default drugs that come with the plugin
    enable-default-drugs: true

    #Customize your own drugs here!
      #This is the ID of your drug, used in commands
      #The drug's item name
      name: '&cCustomDrug'
      #The drug's item ID (id:data)
      item: '322:1'
      #The cost of the drug (Requires Vault, negative values pay player)
      cost: 50
      #The amount of uses guaranteed before an overdose
      overdose: 3
      #Your list of effects when the drug is taken, all fields are optional, but if 'effects' is present, there must be at least one effect
      #This gives the player Poison I for 30 seconds
      - 'effect: 19:30:1'
      #This sets the player's health to 20 (positive values set health, negative damages the player)
      - 'health: 20'
      #This removes 4 hunger from the player (positive values set hunger, negative removes hunger)
      - 'hunger: -4'
      #This sets the player's saturation to 10 (positive values set saturation, negative removes saturation)
      - 'saturation: 10'


    • /drug <drug> [player] - Gives yourself or another player a stack of a specific drug
    • /drug effect <drug> [player] - Give yourself or another player the effects of a drug as if they used it
    • /drug list - Show yourself the list of drugs
    • /drug reload - Reload the plugin's configuration


    Feedback on this resource would be much appreciated! It helps me to think of new features and you guys to get credit for additions that I may add!

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Recent Reviews

  1. Antonio01234
    Version: 1.1
    Guys I've found the permissions for this plugin, use this drugs.use.<name_drug> allow the player to use the specific drug.
  2. acmr212
    Version: 1.1
    Not a real fan. To be honest even in its prime it leaves alot to e desired. Great effort and all though. Well scripted.
  3. dvargas135
    Version: 1.1
    I don't know if the half of this plugin is broken or the author just promised bs in the plugin description.
    1. DonkeyTeeth2013
      Author's Response
      I'm assuming you probably didn't notice, but the last time I updated this plugin was in December 7th, 2014, over a year ago. Unfortunately I lost the files for the plugin so I cannot continue developing it.
  4. starboy103
    Version: 1.1
    Only part of this plugin thats good is the drug part. Only thing that works which is unusable since the author hasn't given a list of permissions. More support from author needed. Will re rate if seen
  5. wwwnic
    Version: 1.0
    Nice plugin!
  6. piorun
    Version: 1.0
    Great plugin. The best for prison server whit shopkepers :)