Drugs v 1.0

Adds drugs to Minecraft with this plugin

  1. iKaoticOG
    Created by KaYoz

    This plugin adds drugs to Minecraft!​

    Here are the drugs and what effects they give you​

    Wheat turns into Weed and gives you Slowness 2, Nausea 2

    Melon Seeds turn into Pain Killers and gives you Regeneration 2, Resistance 2

    Sugar turns into Speed and gives you Blindness 2, Speed 3

    Red & Brown Mushrooms turn into Shrooms and gives you Nausea 2, Slowness 2

    Nether Wart turns into Meth and gives you Hunger 2, Speed 1, Poison 2,
    Weakness 2, Nausea 2, Blindness 2 (The mother of all drugs)

    Water Bottle turns into Morphine and gives you Resistance 2

    Pumpkin Seeds turns into Molly and gives you Speed 2, Poison 2

    Paper turns into LSD and gives you Poison 2, Nausea 2

    Cactus turns into Mescaline and gives you Night Vision 2, Nausea 2

    NOTE: You place the Item in a crafting table and the drug will have the name and effects!

Recent Reviews

  1. ThunderGamer21
    Version: v 1.0
    Very Fun Plugin Its Nice to use. But the effects dont make that much sense with some Items
  2. duplets
    Version: v 1.0
    It will be nice if you add permissions to each thing. Also add per world support. :] Keep it up . And improve it.
  3. MartinaeyNL
    Version: v 1.0
    Please add a feature that you can enable the feature per world!
    That would be awesome if you can do that!
  4. IsS127
    Version: v 1.0
    1. iKaoticOG
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, it is greatly appreciated!