dSecurity Command Blocker! 1.0

Plugin to help block commands from ingame!

  1. Phobia
    dSecurity Command Blocking System

    Don't you hate it when players on your server go to the effort of finding commands to abuse.

    Why should you have to contact the developer and get him to update the plugin when you can simply block the command.. with another command.

    dSecurity is fully customizable from.. INGAME.
    So you don't have to go beg your developer to update that plugin, or go looking for hours on the spigot forums for a new plugin

    Nope... Just have to type in the simple command: /dsecurity
    It's as simple as that.. Well not really

    /dSecurity Lists all the commands.. Simple
    /dSecurity enable <commandName> ReEnables the command
    /dSecurity disable <commandName> Disables the command

    /dSecurity list Lists all the blocked commands

    EXAMPLE :) /dSecurity disable ver

    Yep, It really is. That simple.

    And the better part.. It is.. 100% ... Awesome.

    Click the big blue button to download.
    If you need help, post down below!

Recent Reviews

  1. ForBuyingStuffz
    Version: 1.0
    I really like it! Thanks for making it.