dtlTraders 5.0.3

A better way to trade! For Citizens(2).

  1. NBT is hard...

    • config not showing? Should have been fixed in 4.0.6
    • a few nbt problems. Armor not keeping it slot, armor attribute not saving, armorToughness not showing

    • ArmorElytra Support (By saving the armor and armoToughness attribute)
    Any donations can be made to this Paypal.

    @MineVid is set to be the developer to recode this plugin and will do so but it'll take time. He has started to understand the code and recreating this to it's own way will take some time. We'll release some beta's in the feature once things are taking shape.

    I am not saying he does this for money, but money is always a motivator for everyone.

    Also bugs and support can be reported/asked in the linked discord. Use the right channel in order to keep the channel nice and clean :)
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