dtlTraders 4.0.7

A better way to trade! For Citizens(2).

  1. NBT is hard...

    • config not showing? Should have been fixed in 4.0.6
    • a few nbt problems. Armor not keeping it slot, armor attribute not saving, armorToughness not showing

    • ArmorElytra Support (By saving the armor and armoToughness attribute)
    Any donations can be made to this Paypal.

    @MineVid is set to be the developer to...
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  2. Finally

    • Fixed config not being loaded
    • Fixed whipping of items from traders inventory on server restart!
    Sorry for the delay but our dev had much work of his own.
    You can always show your appreciation by donating with this link!
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  3. Fix

    Major bug update for older versions (not 1.12 version)
    • Fixed error on startup of dtlTraders complaining about WHITE_SHULKER_BOX
    Others bugs are being looked at. @DRCNetwork spend over 5 hours to search for a fix but since he has school tomorrow and finals to come he'll continue searching tomorrow.
    If you want and can support him you can use this link here -> Click here it will help a lot!
    Sorry for the...
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  4. Hotfix (lost count)

    • Fixed lore of potions dissapearing
  5. Hotfix

    • Fixed fact when potion had a custom color it dissapeared
    • Recode is going ok√©. Dev still didn't figured out a way to fix the custom tool attack damage bug
  6. Shulker Box fix

    • Shulker boxes losing their content when openening and closing a trader.
  7. New beginning

    The newest update is a start of a new era.
    We partnered with a new dev to help us maintain this project. He will be starting a full recode (from scratch) but you guys can still report bugs and we'll fix them and update them. Once the recode if done (will be called version 5.0) it will have a lot of new features.

    • You could buy items when inventory was full
    • You couldn't buy things that were free
    • Custom name items where dissappearing
      We aren't...
  8. 3.5.4 (1.12 and 1.12.1)

    • Supported 1.12 and 1.12.1

    • dtlTraders is updated to 1.12 and 1.12.1
    1. Fixed issues: manager mode was broken when minecraft 1.12 was launched
    • Know issues: banker trader is disabled

    Note: dtlTraders recreation will be released later by unexpected problems.

    This version is updated by...
  9. 3.5.3 (bugg fix) (1.11.x)

    • Supported 1.11

    1. Fixed issues: Invisible items in traders
    • Known issue: dtlTraders is not optimized.

    Note: This is the last update of the old dtlTraders !
    We focus on the recreation version of dtlTraders.
    You have ideas to add into dtlTraders recreation ? They are welcome :)

    We are working on...
  10. 3.5.3 (1.11.x)

    • Supported 1.11

    • Added: Message if there is a new update available for dtlTraders.
    • Added: Automaticly disable manage mode when you exit a trader.

    1. Fixed issues: Spawner eggs that reset if you open trader
    2. Fixed issues: Head skin disappear if you add it on a trader
    3. Fixed issues: Citizens save command bugg

    Planning: Next update // A total recreation of the plugin dtlTraders in order to make the plugin work more efficiently,...
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