DuckChat 1.12

Cross server chat made easy.

  1. Updated for Spigot 1.9

    Updated for Spigot 1.9
  2. 1.11

    • Add maximum message rates per player per channel.
    • Add maximum repeat rates per player per channel.
    • Add rate limit bypass permission.
    • Fix nodename in the config not working (the code expected nodeName).
    • Prevent NullPointerExceptions when the config contains no channels or shortcuts under some circumstances.
    Note: This update modifies the protocol, you must update the plugin on all your servers and restart them all (preferably at the same time).
  3. 1.10

    • Fix Vault dependency.
  4. 1.9

    • Don't remove player's join messages if notifyPlayerJoin is false.
    • Don't remove player's quit messages if notifyPlayerLeave is false.
  5. 1.8

    Add 4 new config settings for controlling displaying notifications about players and servers joining and leaving.

    • notifyPlayerJoin: defaults to true
    • notifyPlayerLeave: defaults to true
    • notifyServerJoin: defaults to true
    • notifyServerLeave: defaults to true.
  6. Add shortcuts for talking on channels.

    Added a configuration option for speaking on channels using a custom prefix in chat.