Duel: 1v1 Edition [1.11] BETA 1.4

A fully automated 1v1 game with challenging, stats and kits! In Beta now!

  1. Multi-World Support!

    vBeta 1.2

    + Multi-world support
    + added lobby protection and multi-arena settings to /1v1 admin (Togglable)
    + /1v1 build - Puts you into build mode and lobby protection is disabled for you

    How to use Multi-world:
    In the config you will find a "game-world" setting. Make sure to set it to the world you wish to run Duel: 1v1 Edition in. Then make sure in game when you do /1v1 admin, auto-play is DISABLED. then to join and leave the 1v1 game you use /1v1 play or /1v1 exit

    If you were previously running with plugin you may need to delete the /plugins/1v1 folder upon adding the new code!

    WARNING: Since this is a big part of the code it may be a bit buggy! Feel free to report any and all bugs with the code! PM or discussion please!
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