Duel 1v1 : french version 0.1

Duel 1v1 with kohi inventory

  1. crosf32
    This plugin is a french plugin ! It will be modify very soon for all languages !

    What is Duel 1v1 ?
    It's a 1v1 fight with kohi inventory (a diamond sword, 16 ender pearls, full diamond stuff and full potions !)


    What are the permissions ?
    - /duel : Join or quit the waiting room
    - /spawn spawn : set The Waiting room spawn
    - /spawnone : set The first player spawn
    - /spawntwo : set the second player spawn

    Who is the developer ?
    - crosf32

    The plugin will be updated ?
    Yes ! With new kits, and new posibilities

    For all bugs !! Please contact me and say me !
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