DuelMania | 1.16 Duels Plugin | Bungeecord | GERMAN 1.3

A lightweight Duels Plugin for your Bungeecord Network

  1. m0rtis
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:


    • Bungeecord only
    • Currently only German, you can help to translate if you want
    • Tested on 1.16, but may also be compatible with lower versions
    • Kits can be edited freely by an Administrator
    • Lobby time is equivalent to real-world time
    • Arenas are saved in their own worlds, either build them there or paste a structure with WorldEdit
    • Multiple Gamemodes! Normal, Sudden Death (Play with 1 heart) and No Hit Delay for 1.8-like combat
    • Rounds support: Currently you can choose between 1, 3, and 5 rounds
    • Sourcecode is available, see above.
    • Some messages can be edited via config.yml, I have not finished on transitioning everything from the sourcecode, so edit it there if you want
    • Currently fixed Gamerules:
      • TNT can be lit and will destroy the map, but the map gets reset every round/game
      • Players can only destroy non-world blocks
      • Blocks can be placed
      • Monsters can be spawned in via spawneggs in the kit
    • For the Lobby you can place Slime Blocks that make you jump, an elytra is provided to the player
    • Put the plugin into your folder
    • Start the server
    • Go into setup mode with /setup mode
    • Build/insert a lobby
    • Set a lobby position with /setup setlobby
    • Set the gamerules for the lobby:
      • doDaylightCycle false
    • A ring of colored blocks will be placed around the lobby location
    • Then setup kits via /setup kits
    • Put the items for the kit in your inventory and armor slots and then run /setup kits save <name>
    • To add an arena run /setup arena add <name>, it will lag as the world is being created and then you will be teleported into the world
    • Insert your arena into the world via worldedit or build it in the world
    • Go to spawn 1 and run /setup arena setspawn1 <Name>
    • Go to spawn 2 and run /setup arena setspawn2 <Name>
    • run /save-all
    • run /setup arena editleave to leave into the lobby
    • run /setup mode to exit setup mode and begin playing!
    Most of the options in the config.yml should be self-explanatory, you can find the default config HERE
    If you run /setup in setup-mode you can see all commands, though /setup kits rename does not work yet

    - Fix last bugs (Tell me via the issue tracker!)
    - Add permanent statistics (/stats and hologram)
    - Add player-created kits
    - Fix /setup kits rename

    Source Code
    You can find the source code via the link here.
    Feel free to open an issue if something is wrong or open a pull request. You can also download the sourcecode and edit it to match your needs, but please do not reupload to SpigotMC

Recent Updates

  1. FIxed initial config
  2. Fixed the Arrows
  3. Patched Game Rules