Duels - 1v1 Dueling System! 1.10.2

1v1 duels fashion!

  1. Small Patch #3

    You can now toggle if players should be healed after a duel!
    Note: If you have No Kill set to false, this will not save the player who would die. So it should work as intended!
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  2. Patch #2

    + Added the option to toggle pvp in duels only! Prevents pvp everywhere else! Note: Your config still needs pvp enabled in order for this to work.
    + Added the option to toggle duel fleeing. If fleeing is not allowed players will be teleported back to the center of the arena with slowness 2. If this is allowed, then when a player gets to far from the center of the arena they forfeit the battle.
    + You can configure the flee distance.
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  3. Update #1

    + Players no longer die in the duel, instead final blow determines the winner!
    + Winner is announced to the server!
    + You can toggle if the loser should die or live in the configuration!
    + Duels now timeout after 60 seconds, effectively ending the duel.
    + Time our timer is configurable.

    + Players cannot be requested to a duel if they are in a duel already.
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  4. Permissions

    + Added in a simple permission, duel.challenge
    + Config option can disable the use of permissions now!
  5. 1.9.4 Version Added

    1.9.4 download available. However I will not be providing any updates to older versions!