DungeonCraft 1.0.7

Fight waves of mobs with friends!

  1. BurntWindow
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.15
    • 1.16
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    What is it?
    Well in short, this plugin allows you to easily add "dungeons" where you can fight waves of mobs on your own or with friends.

    Features include:
    - The ability to have multiple of the same dungeon running simultaneously in different arenas, ideal for larger servers.
    - The ability to configure how many and what mobs spawn each wave.
    - The ability to spawn mobs with your custom NBT data (you can give them enchanted armour etc)
    - Parties, which allow multiple people to join the same dungeon.
    - Difficulty scaling when more players play (makes it more balanced)
    - Loot rewards can be changed to either spread amongst all the players or to give all of them the same reward.
    - Loot rewards that scale with the difficulty.
    - The ability to run commands when the dungeons are completed, enabling you to give custom items or trigger other plugins.

    Firstly, you may be asking whats the difference between a Dungeon and an Arena. Well simply put, Dungeons are the set of waves that spawn a set of mobs, whereas an Arena is just the place where this can take place.

    This means that you can design 1 Dungeon with a set of custom waves which can be played simultaneously in many different arenas for many different players. These Arenas auto provision themselves which means you won't have two games going on in the same Arena. Cool right?

    Setting up Dungeon Craft is really quite simple

    General Startup
    - Firstly download the `.jar` file from here into your `plugin` folder on your Bukkit server.
    - Download and Unzip the `dungeoncraft.zip` folder from GitHub and copy this into the `world/datapacks` folder. This is so that the mobs that spawn don't drop any loot to clutter your inventory.
    - Start up your server
    - Then go into your server and run /create-dungeon <dungeon name> to create a new dungeon.
    - Then build a little area for your arena and do /create-arena <dungeon name> <spawn radius> with the same name as the last command.
    The spawn radius should be atleast a couple of blocks smaller than your area to prevent mobs from spawning outside it and making them unkillable.

    To remove the "[Server: Summoned new Zombie]" on mob spawns which spams the chat of operators, run `/gamerule sendCommandFeedback false`.

    Dungeon Config
    - Then go open the `config.yml` in the `plugins/dungeoncraft` folder. This will contain all of the information about the waves etc.
    - To add another mob to a wave, simply copy the pre existing "zombie" and paste below it.
    - The `amount` field changes how many mobs spawn with a difficulty of `easy` with only 1 player.
    - To get custom NBT data, visit a summon command generator.
    - Once you have made a mob you want to spawn, copy the curly brackets and everything in it, and place it in the `nbt` field for that mob in the config.
    - To change the rewards given to the players once complete, go to the `rewards` field of the dungeon you want to change.
    - To give them a specific item, simply write its name as the title, the amount you want to give the player and whether you want it spread amongst other players or to give them each the specified amount.
    - To execute a command, simply give the `reward` the name `command` and add the `command` field.
    - This will mean that the game will execute the given command for each player. Simply replace the player name of a command with `$player$` and `$count$` with the number (if needed).
    - By default players keep their inventory when they die if they are in an arena, however you can turn this off by changing "keepinv" to false.
    - Once you have finished with configuring, simply do `/dc-reload` to load the new config onto the server.

    - `/create-dungeon <dungeon name> [wave count]` - Used to generate a new Dungeon in `config.yml`. The wave count is how many waves are generated. Permission required: `(dungeoncraft.dungeon.create)`
    - `/create-arena <dungeon name> [spawn radius]` - Used to create a new arena from the players current position. This location will then be linked to the Dungeon inputted. The spawn radius (default: 10) changes the radius at which mobs spawn. Permission required: `(dungeoncraft.arenas.create)`
    - `/arenas` - Simply lists all the arenas that have been made along with their location and current status. Permission required: `(dungeoncraft.arenas.list)`
    - `/start-dungeon <dungeon name> <difficulty (easy / hard)>` - Starts a dungeon with the current members in the party if you are the party leader. Permission required: `(dungeoncraft.start)`
    - `/leave-dungeon` - Causes the player to leave the current dungeon and teleports them to their bed or the world spawn. Permission required: `(dungeoncraft.leave)`
    - `/dc-reload` - Used to reload the config into the game. This will reset any game in progress so be careful! Permission required: `(dungeoncraft.reload)`
    - `/gamerule sendCommandFeedback false` - This will remove the "[Server: Summoned new Zombie]" when spawning mobs

    Permission required: `(dungeoncraft.party)`
    - `/party create` - Creates a new party
    - `/party invite <player name>` - Invites player to party
    - `/party accept` - Accepts the invite
    - `/party leave` - Leaves the current party
    - `/party list` - Lists current members in the party

    Suggestions and Bug reports
    Any suggestions to improve this plugin are greatly appreciated.

    If you discover any bugs (whoops!) then please leave a issue report to help me fix it. Thank you.